End of Year College Project

By Rafael Laureano

                                                 Why the World needs Good People

Our society need smart, educated people or else will fall and crumble. The world needs good people because they are today's leaders and are the one's that will inspire people to be good.

To start off, the issue today is that people are stupidly committing lots of crimes and setting bad examples for others. Our community needs good leaders in order to keep us on track. They will ensure that the risk of danger will be low. These leaders will show people that the right path to become a better individual.

Secondly, the young kids always look up to older siblings/individuals. This usually determines what the kid will be like when he/she grows up. The successful people are the one's that will inspire undisciplined kids to become good. Teach them that not focusing on school will lead them to no where in life. Guide them to the path to success.

As a whole, we should form rallies in which we show young kids and teens how the opportunity to make a good life for themselves is everywhere you look. The smart individuals will set up these services in order to inspire others to get their act together and become future leaders. Hence why we need good people in this world.  

                                                    Letter of Recommendation

I would like to recommend Juan Ramirez for a job opportunity with your company. while working at my food market, he did a tremendous job as an assistant manager.

Juan has many key areas that he strides in. He works greatly independently and with others, has great listening skills and always get work done when it's due.

I strongly agree that Juan should earn  a positon as an Engineer becakuse he sows all qualifications that he's capable of keeping this job. I belive that he will make your company stronger and will bring ideas that will benefit all employees.


                                                              Letter of Intent

                                                          Laureano, Rafael Luis

                                                                1234 Road St.

                                                         El Paso, Texas  79928

May 18, 2015

Rafael Luis Laureano    Educator

El Dorado 9th grade Academy

14400 Pebble Hills Blvd.

El Paso, Texas 79928

Dear Armando Quiones:

As an individual, I have many skills that I have to offer. I have good listening, communicating skills. I get my work done when it's due. I work good with others as well as on my own. I don't let my employers down.

At your company, I hope to obtain a job as a music educator. I have recently earned my degree and finished college to become a band director. in the past, I have been a part of my middle , high school and University Band. As well as completing hours as an Intern at El Dorado High School.

If you hire me for this position, I promise you that I will benefit your company. I wont let you down and bring fresh ideas that will benefit all.


                                                                                          Rafael Laureano



Rafael Laureano

(915) 569-2169



Objective: As a professional, I hope to have a successful life as an Engineer and to pass on my knowledge to future generations.


Lujan Chavez Elementary (2004-2011)       Commended on all TAKS Tests

Sun Ridge Middle (2012-2014)        Perfect Attendance and All A's

El Dorado High School (2015-2018)      Top 10%

Experience: I have done a lot for my community, like helping out at the Special Olympics, serving food at local food banks, set up a dinner for high school teachers and put flowers on Military Hero's Graves. (August 2014-May 2015) El Dorado 9th Grade Academy


-I'm very determined to do my best

-I work great with people

-I can work independently

-I get work done when it's due

-Good listening skills