Aerospace Engineering

By: Parker Abke

Aerospace engineering is a new and expanding career, with countless outcomes. Aerospace engineers make and design rockets, missiles, planes, drones, satellites, shuttles, and other vehicles that belong in the air or space . Aerospace engineers get to work with a team to design the next big thing in the aerospace industries. Aerospace engineers get to have a say in the next thing that will go into space. There are many types of aerospace engineers. You can go in to the structures, electronics, life support, or propulsion which is what I what to go into.

Skills/Education Required

An aerospace engineer is going to need a wide range of skills, and an advanced education, it's just rocket science after all. Some of the skills needs are: strong problem-solving skills, excellent maths and IT skills, knowledge of computer aided design (CAD) or manufacturing (CAM) software, good communication skills, excellent technical knowledge, and the ability to plan, prioritize and manage projects effectively. Along with the specific skills, they need a good education. Entry-level aerospace engineers usually need a bachelor's degree. Along with the bachelor's degree, you should take courses in chemistry, physics, and math, including algebra,trigonometry, and calculus. However, if you want to be something like a project leader, you are going to need a higher level of education such as a doctorine.

Future of Career and Salary

The average salary of an aerospace engineer is $103,720. And while the aerospace engineering career is still a new career, it has a bright future. The availability of private space companies, such as Space X, have opened up many job positions and the field is just getting bigger.

Benefits and Similar Careers

There are many benefits of being a aerospace engineer, from being able to work on the future, advancing your skills in mathematics, and learning rocket science. If you go to school to be aerospace engineer, but can't find a job that you want, there are many other careers that are similar to aerospace engineering.  You can become almost any other kind of engineer with a little more education in other field.

Why I

Ever since i was little, I've been fascinated by things that fly and go into space. I use to go to a summer program, and once a year towards the end of summer, we would always go to the Johnson Space Center in Houston. I knew I wanted to be the person to design a better version of our old shuttles. But I didn't want to make the shuttle, I wanted to make them go faster further and be more efficient. Thats why I want to be an aerospace engineer.

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