Persuasive Writing

All for Allowance by Hannah S.

Ladies and Gentleman, Parents and other people, I need allowance! I deserve something for my hard work, such as allowance. Do you like doing things without getting any recognition? Didn’t think so. I need allowance, and I can prove it!

I need an allowance! I should have one because I help out at home. I help with things such as cleaning, and helping my youngest sister. This benefits you because then you’ll have more time for other stuff. For example, if you have less cleaning to do, you’ll have more time for things such as reading, and just hanging out. Free time!

Another reason I need allowance is I, am a wonderful student. In Hebrew School I’m a rock star! I’m about five pages ahead of the rest of the class, I’m still expected to read out loud, and I can count all the way to ten in Hebrew without messing up.

In addition to that, at regular school, I’m a also a very good student and always follow directions. I also participate in discussions and activities. I’ve passed my twelve’s times test, and am doing fairly well at all subjects. In addition to that, I’m also good at home for the most part. You cannot ignore the evidence!

You might be concerned about giving me money. How much would you give me? When would I get it? What would I spend it on? Don’t worry! I’d be fine with one to five dollars a week. As for buying stuff, I’d probably just save up until I see something super awesome! Really, I’m fine as long as I get something.

The proof proves it! Everything shows that I deserve allowance! I’m good at home, I’m good at school, and, I’m a rock star in Hebrew School! Well, thats that, and I’ll be picking up my pay by the end of the month.