My favourite film:
Monsters University

Monsters university is an animation films directed by Dan Scanlon. This film about a monster called Mike Wazowski, he always dreams of  being a scary. Thanks to its good studies, he was admitted Monsters University.                                                          In the final exam Mike and Sulley have a fight that destroy one of the most prized possessions of Hardscrabble, causing both to be expelled Scares Program.                     Mike is involved in a series of tests known as the Sustolimpiadas, he join the group Oozma Kappa and  Hardscrabble  promises that if the Kappa Oozma win the entire team will be on the Scares Program. In the final test of the sustolimpiada Mike wins because Sulley sabotaged the simulator. Then Mike and Sulley were expelled from the university. Mike and Suller are the character.                                                               The acting was great, the music was really good, the special effects was amazing and the ending is happy

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