The moons importance

ty thrasher

Hour 5

The moons role

the moon plays many roles in everyday life for example it creates the tides eclipses and produces phases. Lets start with tides, tides are the height of the waves and there are two kinds of tides spring tides and neap tides. Spring tides happen when the moon is at a 1st quarter and 3rd quarter and the neap occurs on new moon and full moon.

first thing we must talk about are all of the moon phases  and what kind they are. All of the moon phases are full moon, new moon, waxing crescent, waxing gibbons, waning crescent, and waning gibbous. And these are very important because they help us keep track of time. Finally phases are caused by the way that the sun hits it and the way the moon reflects the light. That is what moon phases are and why they are important.

next we will talk about the tides and those are the rise and falling of water around the world. First we must discuss what the kinds of tides are first there are low and high tide low tide is obviously low and high tide is obviously high. Next I will tell you what causes the tides, tides are caused by the gravitational pull of the moon and sun on the water. Finally the reason they are important is because they either help us of don't help because they change so frequently. That is what tides are and how they affect our daily life.

next I will talk about eclipses and what they are and how they affect our lives here on earth. there are two types of eclipses they are solar eclipses and lunar eclipses. the solar eclipses occur on a new moon and that is when the moon block out the sun and all you see is a round ring of light. lunar eclipses happen on a full moon and that is when the light of the sun reflects off of the moon and makes it look like it is red. those are the eclipses and they can make people blind and can make it harder to see.

that is why the moon is important and or affects to our lives here on the planet earth. first thing is that it creates things here on earth for example there are tides and light. it can also make it worse by the eclipses that can end up hurting you. that is how the moon can affect us in a good and bad way.

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