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Rachel Glaxner - Improving Academic Performance

While she is an excellent track and field competitor and wonderful personal fitness coach, Rachel Glaxner has always valued education. All through high school, she maintained good grades, and going into Nicholls State University, she knew that keeping up great academic work was the key to success. Even with track obligations and a part-time job at a local restaurant, Rachel performed well academically, maintaining a 3.0 Overall GPA and being a member of the Academic President’s List.

For Rachel Glaxner, the key to improving academic success is understanding yourself. Self-confidence only works if you understand where you academic strengths and weaknesses lie. Find a way to maximize on the strengths while reducing the weaknesses. Understand your learning style and find study methods/partners that work with your particular style and strengths.

In college, it is not enough to attend class. You have to pay close attention and take great notes. Taking notes requires listening and picking up on clues that instructors and professors provide during lectures. Active involvement is also encouraged when aiming to improve academic performance, so speak up and ask questions.

As Rachel Glaxner knows, if you are going to make the effort to be active in class, do it with a primary goal of learning. Eliminate any distractions around you, be it irrelevant reading material, electronic gadgets or chatting to the person next to you.

College is probably one of the best times of a young person’s life, but it also moves very fast. Those who aim for academic excellence utilize their time and classes well, thus setting themselves up for future success through good grades.

With every turn of the new year, many are the people whose resolutions are to engage in some of physical activity. Many individuals usually start the first few days and weeks with much enthusiasm, but often fall short in being able to accomplish their fitness goals. While the desire is there, the motivation fizzles out when there is still much to do.

For Rachel Glaxner, finding the motivation to keep physically active has never been an issue. Perhaps it is because she has been competing in track since her teenage years, and has continued to engage in fitness competitions in the years since. However, she knows that keeping the motivation can be hard on some occasions, and she will be the first to admit there are days she didn’t feel like getting out of bed in the morning to attend practice. She offers a few tips to keep the motivation going.

Find a practice buddy

You don’t have to practice on your own if there is a friend willing or able to join your fitness journey. Having a friend, especially someone who has the similar fitness goals as yours enables you to push each other to the limit. It also fosters a sense of accountability that motivates you to work harder.

Record your progress

If you are serious about accomplishing your fitness goals, it helps to record your progress as time goes by. With each passing week, you will be able to identify your areas of improvement, thus enabling you to allocate time wisely to areas that need more work.

For many residents of Louisiana, especially those that live close to the coastline, fishing in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico offers an opportunity to catch a variety of fish, including tuna, red snapper, shark, and many more. For Houma native Rachel Glaxner, getting a chance to hit the waters in search of fish is one she doesn’t pass up often.

Offshore fishing is often regarded as challenging, and is reserved for intermediate and advanced anglers. Rachel Glaxner views herself as knowledgeable on the subject, and in recent years has noticed areas where deep-sea anglers are likely to find fish. For anglers looking to take a fishing trip in the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the following areas are likely to be swarming with your favorite species.

Rocks and wrecks

Rocks and wrecks are great places to kick start your offshore fishing expeditions. These types of structures provide protection to fish, especially in strong current. In such areas, consider anchoring the boat and dropping bait to lure fish such as snapper or blackfish. Faster fish like tuna can be baited using fast-trolling fishing traps.

Navigational aids

Navigational aids in deep waters often serve a useful purpose for anglers, but are also great hiding places for fish. Some fish prefer to hide deep inside aids like towers, while others lurk in the perimeter. High end fishing tools can enable you determine where the fish are.

It also helps to know local fishing regulations before heading out into the waters. That way, reckons Rachel Glaxner, your experience will be a safe and fun one.

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