Rachel Howland of Milwaukee: Living Life to the Fullest

Rachel Howland of Milwaukee is a woman of many positive habits. In fact, she has developed the skill of making healthy choices to the degree that she has numerous hobbies sustained by active participation in activities she is passionate about. Now, it's likely that you may be thinking that forming healthy habits and developing your own hobbies is a difficult task, but it's important to not be discouraged before giving it a try.

From an early age, she has found fulfillment in the participation of numerous sporting activities. Football, baseball, basketball, pool, golf, kickball, soccer, and bad mitten are among the many leagues operated by the CMSA or Chicago Metropolitan Sports Association.

There are numerous ways to support those in need, either as a volunteer or as a financial benefactor.

According to the Wills for Heroes website, their programs are designed to help 'protect those who protect us'.

In the city of Chicago alone, more than 40,000 homeless pets were being put to death every year prior to 1997.

The dangerous realities that face all too many cats, dogs, birds, and other domestic pets that find themselves homeless is too important a cause for Rachel Howland of Milwaukee to not get involved with.

Rachel Howland of Milwaukee is a multifaceted individual who has brought her passions to life for many years. Now 29, she is a role model for others who are interested in living life to the fullest. As an Occupational Therapist, she is engaged with adults with disabilities on a regular basis.

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