Rachel Carson

Rachel Carson was born on May 27, 1907 in Springdale Pennsylvania.

She grew up on a Pennsylvania farm. This gave her a lot of first-hand knowledge on nature that she used later on in life.

Carson's family farm

She graduated from the Pennsylvania College for Women, which is now Chatham College, in 1929. She went on to further study at Johns Hopkins University.

Chatham University, which was once the Pennsylvania College for Women

Rachel Carson taught at the University of Maryland for 5 years before joining the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service in 1936. She kept her government job throughout the 1940's, partly to help her mother and sister's two orphaned daughters.

Throughout her life, Rachel wrote many books. Her first book, "Under The Sea-Wind", which she wrote in 1941, described marine life clearly and elegantly. In 1951, she published "The Sea Around Us", which became and immediate best seller. "The Sea Around Us" freed her from her financial worry.

In the 1950's, Rachel conducted research into the effects of pesticides on the food chain. She published her most influential work, "Silent Spring", which disallowed the indiscriminate use of pesticides. The book led to a presidential commission that largely endorsed her findings.

Rachel Carson died of cancer on April 14th, 1964. She is remembered as an environmental activist who worked to preserve the world for future generations.

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