Rachel Chamberlain

English Teaching Portfolio

To prospective administration, fellow teachers, or other viewers – welcome to my site.

This site was created for the purpose of archiving and presenting relevant materials that showcase my teaching and who I am as an instructor. All materials connected to this site are designed to supplement my resume or provide visuals for my completed work. In the event of an interview, I hope this site proves helpful in providing additional information about myself as a teacher.

Any content contained in an outside link, not affiliated with this website, does not necessarily reflect my views or opinions. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me with the information provided on my application or resume.

Thank you!

Rachel Chamberlain

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is centered in the belief that every student can be successful and has unique talents and abilities to share in the classroom. The classroom can be a place for students to find their voice, express their beliefs and values, and use inquiry to explore the human experience in exciting, relevant ways. I believe a sense of community is important for students to feel comfortable sharing ideas and taking ownership of their learning. As a teacher, I hope to help students recognize their full potential and become high achievers within their abilities. I also hope to provide students opportunities to connect learning to their lives, what interests them, and what they already know.

My philosophy for teaching borrows from the constructivist philosophy for learning, along with an ethic of excellence. I believe students learn more and achieve at a higher level when they are given the opportunity and guidance to construct their own learning, build on previous knowledge, and apply this knowledge in new situations. Additionally, as a teacher, I hope to promote excellence in student work and my own teaching and relationship with students. If students take pride in their work, their confidence to continue achieving will grow. As a teacher, I must also strive for excellence in all that I do, in order to promote student learning, confidence in the relevancy of the subject matter, and the ability to measure what students know, if students have learned, and if activities adhere to state standards.

I also believe I will be unique as a teacher in promoting career and college readiness in all classes. I hope to use content in my classroom for real-life relevancy, 21st century skills, and critical thinking for the workplace. I believe every student should be aware that college is accessible to them, regardless of their race, class, or first-generation status, as well as be given the tools necessary to be successful in the workplace if they do not choose to enter college.

Additionally, my unique teaching philosophy is centered around civic literacy. I hope to encourage students to explore their place and role in their community, society, and culture, as well as give them opportunities to be engaged in their communities. Being engaged in a community can lead to higher participation in voting, volunteering, and a sense of ownership in the responsibility to productively solve problems in society. Through teaching civic literacy, I hope to dispel the sense of powerlessness and confusion of identity that many adolescents experience and instead foster a sense of ownership, pride, and responsibility in society as students enter the workforce after completing high school.

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