Just because you're different doesnt make you bad

37% of murdurs are caused by race issues

Racism or racial tention is used to describe descrimination of a certion race or ethnic group. Racism has came a long way from how bad it used to be but it still happens. Why are people are racist? Many belive they were born or raised a racist or had racisst ancestors. Others say they are just plain rasist.

              Racism happens alot in our state, a few schools we compeet against only allow whites to play or try out for the team ( Whiteland ). Even the people you think are nice can turn to be entirly rasist. In 2012 a neighborhood watch man in Florida stalked and murdered a 17 year old black boy. The man claimed the boy had drugs and started the fight but that was not true. So it proves racism can come from anywhere and ir needs to stop

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