Racism and Stereotyping

In our society there have been several major issues that have caused pain, strife, and conflict for generations. One of these issues is race. Since the founding of this country, race may be considered the driving force of civil unrest.

However, while some people continue to make large issues on race, other individuals try to make light of racial and social issues. Race has been a major proponent of comedy and television entertainment for years. But when does the comedy stop being funny and start being simply offensive?

A 'blackface' singing grouip.

This is an example of racism in entertainment. The photo above is from a type of comedy known as 'Blackface.' This act was where several white people would paint their faces and act as stereotypical African Americans at the time. The act originated as a 'wild-man' act in a circus, and is considered now to be highly offensive.

Racist remarks are not funny, even when they are meant as jokes.

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