Must Have Features Of Video Wall Solution

Video walls are a powerful medium of getting your message across to the people. Catchy content, powerful presentation and interesting visual display combine together to make an interesting means of communication. For advertising, you could not have asked for a better platform than this. It is a powerful means through which you can get the right message conveyed at the right time to the specific audience that you want to touch. This medium is flexible and allows for a lot of creative freedom to design and style your message into something that will catch the eye and grip the mind of every person it reaches.

The actual driving force behind the effectiveness of Video wall systems as a marketing medium is the hardware and software that works behind the scenes to make the communication happen. Any installation will run on sophisticated technology that makes the words and graphics move on the screen. There once used to be a time when highly skilled technicians were required to operate and manage the system. Although things have become simpler now, there are still certain must include features in the hardware and software that allows video wall solutions to do what they do. These features make a particular system much moreuser friendly and allow for even a non –technical person to manage and configure presentation settings.

Remote administration

There should be a direct over-the-network connection between the display and the configuration console of the video wall. Whether through a wide area network or the internet, you should have the facility to send commands to the display unit and make changes in the videos as and when required. This remote administration feature comes in handy when managing the content that you are displaying on screen and ensuring that the right message is displayed at the right time.

Media support

Before finalising the video wall solution for you, make sure that you find out all the different applications that it supports. MS Office applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Quicktime, MPEG, AVI, WMV, JPG, GIF, PNG, Adobe Acrobat, PDF, HTML and RSS feed are some of the major platforms that you need to keep in mind. The software should allow you to use JPG, GIF, PNG, and even a video, audio recording or even a display a document. All these facilities will allow you to use as much creativity as you can for getting your message cross.


The video wall system that you are using should allow you to place your message in any zone of the display that you think allows for maximum impact in communication. There might be the case where you want to display your message in one part of the screen and live feeds from a required source in another section. The system you are using should give you the freedom to make that happen.

If you make sure that your video wall system includes all these features, you will enjoy unprecedented freedom in managing content and making the most of this advertising medium. Use it to your advantage! Visit to know more.

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