Radhia Chaouch, So You Want to Be a Landlord?

Radhia Chaouch has been a landlord for over fifteen years. Over the course of her impressive career she has learned what it takes to be successful. Property management is not an easy field, especially when the economy is doing poorly. Chaouch has stood out from the competition however by being the kind of high-quality landlord that every tenant dreams of.

Doing well as a landlord is all about abiding by set rules in the industry. That includes keeping your tenants happy, and picking the right tenants, ones that are reliable and relatively trouble-free. A good landlord maximizes profits and minimizes expenses by keeping everything within a proper protocol. The smoother a property is running, the more profitable it becomes.

One way to keep operations running smoothly is to conduct move-in and move-out inspections for tenants. Make sure to have each tenant document and sign off on all damages to the property before they move in. This includes getting video evidence of the property before moving in, as well as pictures. The more evidence you have in your favor, the better. This process should be repeated again when the tenant moves out, and the pictures and videos well-organized and time stamped in the event that they have to be used in a civil case.

Another good idea for a landlord is to seek out professional help whenever necessary. Whether it be with legal issues or structural problems, a professional is always the better option. Even if a landlord has experience in arenas like construction or contract law, it almost certainly doesn’t match that of a professional. Getting a professional to do the job right and thoroughly is a smarter investment, as it will end up paying off bigger in the long run.

Radhia Chaouch has been a successful landlord for many years because she adheres to a basic set of rules and a formula. There is a proper protocol and procedure for every situation that a landlord can encounter. Often, cutting corners and costs only end up hurting a landlord in the long run. That is why it is important to do everything correctly the first time.

About: Radhia Chaouch owns 55 different apartments, and has made a successful career out of her real estate ventures.

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