Radion Aminov - Safely Enjoying the Beach

Radion Aminov is a successful professional in the finance industry who has created a track-record of success throughout his career. He is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the World Funding Company, which is headquartered in New York City (NYC), New York. He is dedicated to ensuring that his company’s various endeavors are handled in the most financially ideal manner possible. He provides instrumental knowledge and experience in his position as CFO and regularly manages analysis, budgeting, compliance and risk management operations for the business. While he spends much of his time in the fulfillment of his professional responsibilities, he is always committed to taking breaks from work with his family.

While going to the beach is usually done in the spirit of fun and recreation, it is important to remain vigilant when it comes to safety and health during all visits to sandy shores.

Wear Sun Block: While many people understand the negative effects that Ultra Violet radiation can cause to the body, they still may neglect to protect their skin from the sun, even when spending a day at the beach.

Whenever you are exposed to UV radiation – especially while enjoying a day on the beach – make sure to wear sun-protective clothing as well as a sunblock or sunscreen with a minimum Sun Protective Factor of 30 or higher.

One of Radion Aminov’s favorite pastimes is enjoying the beach with his wife Kate and their two daughters. He is a frequent visitor to many of NYC’s most sought-after beach resorts.

Radion Aminov - Why CFOs Matter

Radion Aminov works as the Chief Financial Officer for the World Funding Company, an investment firm that guarantees investors a minimum ROI while putting their investments into small businesses in the New York City area trying to make a difference in their business and local communities. Aminov works with the rest of the executive team at the World Funding Company to help find worthy candidates for their investments while also creating budgeting solutions so that they can continue their operations on a daily basis. Aminov came to his position as CFO after earning a Finance degree from New York University and working on Wall Street for a number of years.

Radion Aminov takes his role as CFO very seriously. CFOs differ from CEOs in that they are primarily concerned with budgets and investments of businesses rather than the day-to-day operations of the company the way a CEO is. Radion Aminov ensures that the company can continue to offer investors a guaranteed minimum Return on Investment while ensuring that all of the firm’s clients can get the funding they signed up with the World Funding Company to receive. He adjusts the standard interest rates that the company charges some of its clients, works with investors to ensure they are satisfied, and makes sure that all employees can be paid with responsible handling of the budget.

Radion Aminov has helped many businesses get off the ground in New York City with funding from the World Funding Company while ensuring that investors get the returns they were promised at minimum.

Radion Aminov - Proud to be the Chief Financial Officer of the World Funding Company

The World Funding Company is unlike any other investment firm in New York City. That’s what Radion Aminov heard when his friends from New York University called him to tell him about a job opening in their company in 2010. Aminov jumped at the opportunity to become the Chief Financial Officer of the company because he thought he could make a difference in the communities of New York for all of the people living there.

The World Funding Company was founded on the idea that all new businesses need a boost when they are just starting out. Radion Aminov has never been a small business owner himself, but his father ran a small shop in Brooklyn for decades, and he remembers the struggles he often went through to create more opportunities for himself, his business, and his family. Radion Aminov remembers his father needing a break, an investment involving some risk to get by. Now Aminov has the opportunity to take risks on individuals and their businesses, looking beyond the raw numbers and margins to find opportunities for business owners and their families that they wouldn’t otherwise have. The terms of their investments are always very fair and the entire staff works with their clients to find the best ways they can both benefit from their arrangements.

Radion Aminov lives in Manhattan with his wife Kate and their two daughters, Mary and Beau. Radion loves the work he does for the World Funding Company and hopes to contribute to the small business community of New York City even more as time goes on.

Radion Aminov - Three Steps to Financial Security you can Take Right Now

Radion Aminov is the CFO of a rising investment firm based in New York City called the World Funding Group. The World Funding Group takes a different approach to investing than most other companies, and it has already begun to change the lives of many small business owners throughout the city. Aminov has a long career in Finance, starting with a degree in the subject from New York University. He knows how to manage large sums of money for companies and individuals. Many of the same principles he uses to do his job can be applied to individuals with any sum of money at his or her disposal. Here are a few tips from the expert:

  • Never stop budgeting. Start by writing down essential expenses and try to calculate all others in one document you can constantly refer to. See how much money you can save from every paycheck and start putting what you can aside. If you get a new job or add another expense, change the budget and keep it up to date.
  • Instead of penny-pinching, try to make more money. Radion Aminov knows how difficult it can be to scrape together every cent you have to try to make your budget last longer. Instead of finding ways to cut costs, however, try to find a way to add income. This will provide lasting positive results.
  • Save for retirement now. Not so much a way to make financially sound decisions as it is a necessary deed you have to do no matter what age you are, saving for retirement is something that too many people ignore until it’s too late. Retirement is expensive, and at some point, you’ll have to stop working. Radion Aminov has experience helping people in this regard.

Radion Aminov lives in Manhattan.

Radion Aminov - Organizing Change

Radion Aminov came aboard the World Funding Group at a time when change was endemic throughout the company. When Aminov became the Chief Financial Officer of the company, he was tasked with keeping all of the opportunities of all of their small business partners open to all and to maintain a high return on investment rate for all of their investors. In short, Aminov had to straddle the line between the businesses that the World Funding Group was investing in and the investors who supply the funding.

Investors want to see a high return on their investment and the businesses in which the money is flowing want to see low interest rates and as little strings attached as possible. In its early stages, the World Funding Group only worked with a few small businesses to help them grow and offer their products and services to more customers in the New York City area. When Radion Aminov joined, the World Funding Group had managed to bring in more investors and expand its reach to more businesses. This meant more opportunities for them and for investors to realize excellent returns. However, in order to bring in enough funding to do the things the World Funding Company wanted to do, Radion Aminov had to make the investment in the company more attractive. He had to change several company policies and standards, which wasn’t easy, but after he worked hard to explain his reasoning to all involved, the organization came around and now the World Funding Company has more investors and partners than ever.

Radion Aminov has a wife and two daughters.

Radion Aminov - Tips for Going on a Trip to Egypt

Radion Aminov is an avid international traveler who is planning to visit the Middle Eastern country of Egypt this coming summer. Traveling abroad is a favorite activity for him, his wife, and their two young children.

A tourist capital, Egypt stands-out as one of the most highly praised hot spots for travelers seeking an often once-in-a-lifetime experience that is sure to mesmerize and astonish even the savviest Egyptophile. Aminov is determined to make the most of any time he spends with his family, and their trip to Egypt is certainly in-line with other summer bonding excursions, such as last years’ trip to Georgia to hike the entirety of the Appalachian trail.

Below are some general tips on making the best of your travel experience while in Egypt:

1. Avoid Tap Water: According to, tap water in Egypt is not recommended for drinking. Fortunately, bottled water is not only plentiful, but also affordable in Egypt.

2. Drive Safe: In Egypt, motorists drive on the right side of the road, so make sure to be careful when crossing the streets.

3. Join Group Excursions: Going on an excursion as a part of a group is an ideal way to explore the many destinations of the country.

On his upcoming trip to Cairo, Egypt, Radion Aminov plans to explore the ancient pyramids, the Nile river, and other geographic and historical landmarks on what will be his first trip abroad since becoming a Chief Financial Officer for a New York City (NYC), New York based funding company.


Radion Aminov - Everything You Need to Know About Certified Financial Planners

Radion Aminov is a multifaceted individual who enjoys a wide-range of activities outside of his work as the Chief Financial Officer of the World Funding Company based in New York City (NYC), New York. He is very devoted to his family and enjoys nothing more than spending time with his wife Kate and their two young children. He has experienced great career success following his graduation from the prestigious New York University (NYU).

After graduating from NYU, he went on to work in the finance industry and has now become an executive for a successful funding company from the ground floor. He has since continued his growth in the finance sector as a leading professional who possesses numerous credentials as well as a record of achievement.

He is a member of the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP), a Washington, D.C based company that serves financial executives with a variety of career resources and also provides the certifications of Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) as well as FP&A Professional.

Aminov holds his FP&A certification and is therefore further able to play a dynamic role within the finance industry as an executive. In addition to his FP&A Certification, he holds certification in the following areas:

Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA): As a CIIA, he is recognized in his being qualified to represent individuals within the finance and investment industry from all around the world.

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA): As a CFA, he is required to uphold a very rigorous Code of Ethics and Standards that govern professional conduct.

Radion Aminov has experienced great career success following his graduation from the prestigious New York University (NYU).

Radion Aminov - Certified Financial Planner

Radion Aminov is a Chief Financial Officer who possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in his field. He is a graduate of New York University Stern School and holds his bachelor’s degree in finance. As a top executive for the New York City (NYC), New York based World Funding Company, he is keenly aware of the responsibilities involved with implementing a wide-array of successful strategies. He is skilled in risk management, analysis, budgeting, and compliance.

In 2015, upon joining the World Funding Company, he became a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Obtaining his CPA certification was a natural progression of his professional dedication, which has continued to expand his influence within the financial sector.

The CPA designation deals with some of the following focuses:

Forensic Accounting: Otherwise known as ‘fraud auditing’ or ‘investigative accounting’, forensic accounting is conducted by CPAs in order to discover signs of misconduct or criminal activity.

International Accounting: CPAs who possess extensive knowledge of international trade laws as well as foreign regulations are highly sought after.

Assurance Services: One niche area within the CPA realm is that of assurance services – the augmenting of traditional audit services with the examination of annual reporting from pubic companies.

There are many other roles and responsibilities that CPAs may hold. For more information and to learn how to become a CPA, feel free to visit the link below:

Radion Aminov is a member of the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) and is appreciative of his involvement with the professional organization(s) to which he belongs.

Radion Aminov-Alaskan Cruises

World travelers like Radion Aminov have found that cruises to Alaska provide the best of both worlds: the beauty of the natural environment combined with the entertainment and creature comforts found on a cruise ship. Alaska offers many different types of cruises for adults as well as families. Vacationers should do their research and find the best option for their desires and the time of year they are planning to travel.

Alaska’s weather is the greatest challenge for travelers planning a cruise vacation. Often, Alaska can be inundated with cold, chilly, overcast weather, which can interfere with wildlife sightings and floatplane or helicopter flights. The best time to take an Alaskan cruise is between May and September, although rainy seasons can occur during this time frame. The two major Alaskan cruise lines are Holland America and Princess, and both companies offer a variety of different types of cruises for Alaskan tourists.

Radion Aminov and other travelers who have experienced Alaska chose from a variety of trips designed to best fulfill their Alaskan dream. Some trips focus less on big ports and more on nature viewing, such as Expedition cruises, because the cruise ship is smaller and can fit into tinier harbors. The Gulf of Alaska cruise involves a weeklong itinerary, one-way cruise between Seattle and the Anchorage gateway ports. Inside Passage tours also run for a week’s time and focus on the waterway between the Pacific Coast Islands. This waterway is quiet and calm, providing excellent viewing for tourists.


Radion Aminov - Hiking in Upstate and Western New York

Avid fitness enthusiasts and hikers from New York City, like Radion Aminov, can expand their hiking horizons by traveling into Upstate New York to experience hiking on one of many classic and celebrated nature trails. New York State boasts hiking trails that cover nearly every county, from the city itself, all the way across state to Buffalo.

Most immediate to New York City is the Long Path, which stretches from the city to the Catskills Park, then beyond to the Adirondacks. At that point the hiker can pick up the Northville-Lake Placid trail. The Long Path brings hikers though valuable state parks, like the Catskills Forest Preserve. Parts of the Long Path are alongside rural roads, so hikers should be on the lookout for local traffic. The Northville-Lake Placid trail is 133 miles in length and begins in the mountainous Northville, then extends to the famous Lake Placid. The trail was first opened in 1924 and large sections of it reside within the state forest preserve. It offers many different trails of varying levels of difficulty for all types of hikers.

Radion Aminov and other hikers from New York have also taken cross-state trips to sample the hiking in Upstate and Western New York. In particular, the Canalway Trail is one of the most accessible trails in the state. It features roughly 300 miles of trails, many of which are still aligned with old towpaths and railway beds. A key part of the Canalway Trail is the portion that follows the old Erie Canal, from Albany to Buffalo, and it is very easy for hikers and cyclists to access.


Radion Aminov - Hiking Trails for Families in NYC

Radion Aminov and other New York City residents who are avid about hiking don’t have to look very far to find hiking trails that are fun and accessible for the whole family. The hiking trails in the city provide the perfect opportunities for families to connect with nature and each other.

The first park in New York City that comes to mind for most people is Central Park. Here kids can hike the Ravine trail that begins at Glenspan Arch and runs alongside the Loch. This forested streambed will give kids a glimpse of many types of wildlife, as well as the formations of natural bedrock. High Rock Park, located on Staten Island, is a hidden gem that features multiple hiking trails that all connect to the Greenbelt Nature Center. Amongst nature exhibits is the Loosestrife Swamp that leads to the Lavender Trail where kids can spy chipmunks, deer, frogs, and birds while on their hike.

Some hikers like Radion Aminov enjoy taking their children for a hike in Forest Park, Queens. This park has many hills and valleys that provide new challenges for young hikers around every bend. Hikers with some experience can try the Blue Trail and take in the view of beautiful oaks and hickory trees. Raccoons, gray, and black squirrels can be spotted during the hike. An excellent park for hiking in the Bronx is Van Cortlandt Park. The most accessible trail for kids is the Old Putnam Trail: it has a winding trail around ponds that leads to the open parade grounds.


Radion Aminov - Billiard Equipment

Avid and experienced billiards players, like Radion Aminov, have learned some key tips to help improve their game. Success at billiards often originates with the basics, from type of cue to shooting position. Making the right choices in these two areas can be the difference between winning and losing a game.

Depending on experience and financial ability, a pool player has a few different cues to choose from. If the player doesn’t own his own cue, he will have to use a house cue provided by the billiards hall. Because these are community cues, they are often not in the best condition. The player should examine the shaft of the cue for warping, the tip for excessive wear, and check the weight of the cue; heavier cues work best for larger players and beginners. If possible, a serious billiards player should purchase a personal cue; prices can range from $50 to $300 a cue. Players should look for a warranty, tightly threaded pieces, and a wooden cue; avoid composites or aluminum cues.

Radion Aminov and other billiards players with extensive experience have spent time perfecting shooting positions to best benefit their games. Shooters should visualize the angle, position the body, and keep their eye on the ball. The bridge hand can take two possible forms at this point: closed and open-handed. This is followed by the stroke that can only be improved through dedicated practice. The player needs to stroke the ball, not poke it; accuracy is more important than power.