A Rhetorical Analysis Essay Project
of 2015 Super Bowl Commercials

By James Rael
English 12 with Mr. Smith at CNHS

Nissan: With Dad
2015 Super Bowl Commercial

Mr. Smith's English 12 Essay Project

When you drive a car you always want to have the best. You want a car that is reliable and safe. You don't want to drive a car that at any moment could break down and be considered a death trap. Safety is every car manufacturers priority and that's what people look at when buying a car. I own a pretty nice car and I'm not worried about getting in a accident, knowing that the car will help keep me protected. When you have a family you want to have the best for them; You want to have a car that you know will keep your family safe when traveling.

When watching the Super Bow I saw a Nissan commercial that takes you through the whole life of a family when the dad is a race car driver. Knowing this much you know the mom and the son are always worried about their dad when watching them on TV. One day the dad has an accident on TV you see the moms worried face and an ambulance is shown rushing to the scene and the kid being young doesn't know what is going on it ultimately the dad walks away unharmed . After the accident, the dad keeps racing and as the kids grows up there is an absence of fatherhood in the young mans life. At the end of the commercial the dad significantly hangs up his helmet and surprises his son by picking him up from school. This commercial promotes safety and the importance of family. Even though the importance of family doesn't have to necessarily deal with Nissan this commercial is more than promoting the brand. It shows you what is really important in life and even though the dad wins a lot of races in the end family comes first.

This commercial was shown during the 2015 Super Bowl so the targeted audience was anyone with a family. If you put yourself in the place of the mom or the son you see how anxious and worried they are whenever they see the dad race. The commercial shows the kid walking for the first time and the dad is off at the race track. This commercial its reaching to its audience what is really important in life.

When you see the kid without a father and how sad the family looks every time they watch the Dad race you start to see a lot of emotion. A lot of families watch the Super Bowl together and watching this can help them relate to the commercial. It shows a husband and a wife giving birth to a child and through the commercial is shows the kid growing up with a dad. The dad was off racing and was away from the family a lot. It shows the dad missing a lot of the boys childhood and the kid never had a dad to look up to. All the kid knows is that his dad is a race car driver, the mom knows that every time the dad steps onto the racetrack and it could be his last. The mom is always worried and eventually the kid becomes worried every time he watches his dad race. In the end the dad surprises his son at school by picking him up. The dad puts the helmet in the cabinet symbolizing that he is is giving up racing and wants to spend more time with his family. That is what the families are doing when watching the Super Bowl together spending time with each other.

The writer who wrote this commercial wanted to show more than the safety and the reliability of Nissan. The writer wanted to make a statement in life that no matter what family should always come first. The writer took the approach from showing us from the beginning the family growing up. The music in the background is the song “Cats in the cradle”, which is a very emotional song on top of what the writer is already trying to show up. Using ethos the writer grabs our attention and puts us into that families life and what they are going through. After all the hard work in the end the family comes together and is seen driving away in a Nissan.

This is the kind of commercial where they would rather make a emotional connection then throw a lot of facts at you to appeal to your logic. Some things we can examine during the commercial is the reliability we can take from this. We all know race car driving is a dangerous sport; the cars are driving over 200 mph and a car like that can cause serious damage. The commercial shows a scene where the dad gets in a accident you would think he would need help getting out. But, that is not the case the dad pops out and puts his fist in the air showing a sign that he is all right. We can take away from this that Nissan is well built and can withstand a dangerous car accident. That he got out free of injury and he is able to still walk. In the end of the commercial we can see the dad and the son driving off together in a Nissan. We can take away from this that after everything the dad went through, he knows what makes a car safe.

I agree with the message that the commercial is trying to portray. They want to reach and make a personal connection with the audience. Making the connections with families watching the Super Bowl at home and the family in the commercial. The dad gets in an accident and after everything the dad sticks with the car that he once got in a accident in and trust it enough to pick up his own son in it. In the end, you can gain the trust that the family believes that Nissan is a trustworthy car. This was a really touching video gained my trust with a nice, heart warming family message.

Rhetorical Analysis Essay
By James Rael

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