Rafael Escamilla Uses his Athletic Experiences to Build a Career in Sports Biomechanics

Rafael Escamilla, PhD, PT, CSCS, is a skilled academic and an experienced physical therapist. He also has a long and successful history of athleticism. Before he earned a great education and began working in sports biomechanics, he was an athlete. His athletic career and experience helped him build his career in sports biomechanics by giving him firsthand knowledge of athletic training, movements, and injuries.

Escamilla began his athletic career in high school. He was on the baseball team as well as the football team, wrestling team, and track team, and was voted most valuable and inspirational in those sports. During those years, he worked hard and earned awards in each of his sports. He was even awarded as an “Outstanding Athlete.” His athletic skills and prowess continued throughout college, where he played football and baseball and ran track, and was a conference champion in football and track. While he was a college student, he didn’t just focus on his athletic accomplishments. He also worked on his academics. In 1983, he graduated from Linfield College in McMinnville, Oregon with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Physical Education.

Three years later, he decided to continue his education and applied to the Washington State University Master of Science Program. In 1987, he graduated with an advanced degree in biomechanics. Throughout the years, he was also working on his powerlifting skills. In 1995, he graduated from Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama with a Doctor of Philosophy in Biomechanics. That same year, he was named the National Powerlifting Champion and the World Powerlifting Champion. At 179-pound body weight, he squatted and deadlifted just under 650 pounds and bench press 400 pounds.

Rafael Escamilla knows what it is like to be an athlete. He understands the physical strains and stresses that are involved in athletic training. He used that knowledge and his education to launch a successful career. He is a biomechanist who has written and published over 150 published papers, book chapters, and abstracts on topics related to sports biomechanics, sports medicine, physical therapy, and strength and conditioning He is also a co-director at Results Physical Therapy and Training Center in Sacramento, California. Throughout his career, he has published his extensive research, and he has worked with high profile professional baseball players. Rafael Escamilla was a talented and successful athlete who earned an excellent education and pursued the many topics of sports biomechanics

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