Ragab El-Rashidy

Dr. Ragab El-Rashidy - Accomplished Pharmaceutical Developer

Throughout his career in biopharmaceuticals, entrepreneur and innovator Dr. Ragab El-Rashidy has developed more than 40 new drug-delivery systems and compounds. In addition to raising more than $25 million in development funding, he has secured more than 20 patents for drugs ranging from gene therapy treatments for cancer to pharmaceuticals that treat sexual dysfunction. Dr. Ragab El-Rashidy stands out as the developer of UPRIMA, a licensed impotence treatment featured in the New York Times and marketed worldwide by Abbott Laboratory.

Currently chairman of the board and CEO of Genix Therapeutics, Dr. Ragab El Rashidy has also served in the same role with Pentech Pharmaceuticals, where he developed and introduced UPRIMA. Successful in creating and strengthening relationships with investors as well as regulatory agencies across the world, he coordinated the drug's development from startup phase through clinical trials and into distribution. Also the founder of three pharmaceutical companies and an in-demand invited speaker at health care industry conferences, Dr. El Rashidy has published in such peer-reviewed publications as the Journal of the American Medical Association and the Journal of Urology.

American Urological Association to Present Annual Conference

Ragab El-Rashidy serves as the CEO of Genix Therapeutics, a pharmaceutical research and development company in Chicago, Illinois. In addition to his professional endeavors, Ragab El-Rashidy is a member of the American Urological Association. The organization will hold its 2015 AUA Annual Meeting from May 15-19 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The theme of this year’s meeting is “Sharing Knowledge, Setting Standards.” The program will cover topics such as research in urologic oncology, advancements and treatment for prostate cancer, testosterone therapy, research in urologic oncology, and other topics in urologic medicine.

The event will include a grand reception with a Mardi Gras theme. The evening will feature voodoo dancers, various floats, drummers, and an array of performances.

The American Urological Association provides quality, evidence-based education and the latest in technology for urologists and urologic health care professionals. The annual meeting is the biggest gathering of urologists worldwide.

For more information on the conference, visit www.aua2015.org.

Understanding Pharmaceutical Investing

Ragab El-Rashidy joined Genix Therapeutics, Inc., in 2001 as chairman of the board and chief executive officer. Genix has benefited from El Rashidy's career experience, which includes securing more 20 patents (issued or pending) and raising over $25 million in private funding. Ragab El-Rashidy has also built and sustained strong relationships with private investors and investment bankers.

According to Forbes contributor Larry Husten, the key to investing in the pharmaceutical industry lies in accurately predicting the sales of drugs. However, the pharmaceutical industry is widely unpredictable. While investing in pharmaceutical businesses can be highly profitable, investors may feel uncomfortable doing so, primarily because they do not understand how to evaluate companies and gauge their odds of success. One strategy of avoiding the risk of unpredictably may be to examine pharmaceutical companies that produce non-discretionary items that are used on a daily basis by the health-care industry.

It is also important to understand the pipeline drugs must traverse before they are ready for use by the public. Most drugs require more than a decade of production and clinical trials before they are shelf-ready. The FDA enforces guidelines designed to protect consumers from unintended side effects, and all new drugs must pass FDA guidelines before they can appear on shelves. The process of obtaining FDA approval requires thorough testing, which is costly. Thus, pharmaceutical companies must have healthy balance sheets to pay for research and development initiatives for their products to make it to market.

Some experts agree that it can be helpful to determine how much money pharmaceuticals are spending on the research and development of new drugs. Companies that are making large investments in new drugs are spending money because they believe that the drug will be successful. However, this approach offers no guarantees.

This content is intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice.

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