Figure Skating

Hope Davis


  • oldest sport in games
  • started in 1908 London games
  • at first only mens, womens, and pairs
  • ice dancing - 1976
  • 2 people made major developments in the sport
    • Edward Bushnell introduced steel bladed skates for complex turns and manoeuvres
    • Jackson Haines added ballet for grace
  • Dutch may be first people to skate
  • they skated from village to village in the 13th century
  • skating eventually spread all over the world


Figure Skates:

Boot- custom made, stiff leather interiors, extra ankle bracing

Boot tongue- wide tongues, rubber or sponge padding (flexibility), should be tied tightly for max support

Blade- slight curve, β€œsharpened to produce a flat or concave cross section”

heel- originally street boots, ice dancers prefer higher heels, heel size helps with sharpness of steps and direction changes

hollow- in the middle of the blade, edges on side of hollow help with control and speed,

toe picks- used for pushing off for jumps & a pivot point in spins

costume/outfit- flexible, should go with theme of music


men figure skating

  • gold Yuzuru Hanyu from japan
    • jason brown 9th
      • score 238.37
    • jeremy abbott 12th
      • score 232.70
  • gold Adelina Sotnikova from russia
    • gracie gold 4th
      • score 205.53
    • ashley wagner 7th
      • score 193.20
    • polina edmunds 9th
      • score 183.25
  • gold Tatiana Volosozhar, Maxim Trankov from russia
    • marissa Castelli, Simon Shnapir 9th
      • score 187.82
    • felicia Zhang, Nathan Bartholomay 12th
      • score 167.21
  • Rules

    • played on ice
    • 10 levels
    • each level has its own stunts that must be included
    • each routine must be 1 min
      • ice dancing routine 1 min 30 sec
    • extremely hard to qualify


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