Bubble Gum Bubbles
by Raif Ramsay
Mrs. Huizinga, 5th Grade Science

Question:  Which bubble gum makes the largest bubbles?

Research:  Bubble gum began with the ancient greeks, but it was the Mayans that chewed Chicle, which is what scientists remade with other substances to make today's bubble gum.  So, bubble gum is made from synthetic rubber. The synthetic rubber gets softer the more it is chewed, and it stretches according to how much synthetic rubber is in the recipe.  Blowing bubbles takes coordination.  Here are directions how to blow a bubble...

Blowing a Bubble

Hypothesis:  The largest piece of gum will have the biggest bubble because it contains the most synthetic rubber.



1.  At least three different types of bubble gum.

2.  Ruler

3.  Someone to blow bubbles with each type of bubble gum after chewing for one hour.


1.  Unwrap bubble gum.

2.  Place bubble gum in mouth.

3.  Chew for one hour.

4. At the end of an hour, blow bubbles.

5.  Measure bubbles as best as one can.

6.  Record largest one.


Bazooka, Bubble Gum #1

Bazooka's Biggest Bubble

Measures 7 inches x 5.3 inches


Hubba Bubba, Bubble #2

Measures 6.2 inches x 4.7 inches

Orbit, Bubble #3

All bubbles had to be measured using the dimensions of my face.  They may not be completely accurate, but they are very close.  At least, that is what my mom says.

Bazooka Wins!!!

Analysis:  Bazooka bubble gum made the biggest bubble.  Hubba Bubba had the biggest piece of bubble gum, so my hypothesis was not correct.

Conclusion:  The size of the bubble gum might be important, but the person blowing the bubble plays a larger part. The size of the bubble can be changed by how the person blows it.  See the picture below.

This bubble was made with the Orbit Bubble Gum. Making my mouth tighter made a larger bubble, and this was with the gum that had the smallest piece and made the smallest bubble during the experiment.