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A pioneer in the irrigation industry, Rain Bird Corporation has offices in Azusa, California, and Tucson, Arizona, while maintaining a worldwide network of manufacturing facilities and jobs. Rain Bird’s quality sprinklers, driplines, and other products meet the diverse needs of farms, sports arenas, and residential and commercial properties. The firm emphasizes career development and endeavors to provide jobs that offer competitive retirement, health, and insurance benefits.

The company’s positions also offer a number of supplemental benefits that build employee satisfaction, from flexible schedules to paid holidays and absences. Employees can access reimbursements for fitness club memberships, as well as for pursuing outside continuing education. In addition to its international manufacturing capacities, Rain Bird maintains a motivated sales team in countries spanning the globe. Individuals interested in finding an available position can utilize search functions on the RainBird.com “Careers” page. The company promotes conservation and sustainable water-use efforts, and it engages with the American Society of Golf Course Architects in supporting water-management education programs.

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