Daniel Lehmann

I remember you,
how you acted
just so sweet
a great person.
You just stunned me,
like a deer in the headlights.

How I thought
that you meant it.
You said
"I love you"
and I believed it.

It was like
a shotgun to the heart
I shattered and fell
when I crested the hill of love
and saw the sea of lies.

I can't trust
you anymore.
You said you were genuine,
and you lied.
That's the greatest lie of all.

I told you everything.
My hardships,
likes, dislikes,
who I am.
And it all can be used against me.

I don't understand.
You left without
a peep nor sound.
As if I'm near the sun
I suffocate and burn.

I guess this
teaches me a lesson.
When you love
make sure their heart
is warm and bright.
not cold and dark.

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3 years ago

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