Rainer Gruessner's Associations

Rainer Gruessner is a very devoted and professional medical expert who specializes in the field of transplantation surgery. He is a highly respected doctor, surgeon and scientist who has treated hundreds of patients with life-threatening diseases of the pancreas, intestines and liver. He has been the pioneer behind a number of groundbreaking developments in his field of his practice.

Rainer Gruessner was the first to do a preemptive living liver transplant for oxalosis in a baby in 1998. Also, he was involved in the first split pancreas transplant in 1988; he performed the first laparoscopic pancreas transplant biopsy in 1995; the first laparoscopic living donor distal pancreatectomy and nephrectomy in 2000; and the first robot assisted total pancreatectomy with islet autotransplant in 2012.

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