Raj Nayyar

About Raj Nayyar

Rajesh Nayyar brings a wide range of experience in health care, marketing, and management to his role as the creator and CEO of Innov8: Entrepreneurship & Humanitarianism in Medicine. The organization is dedicated to improving education on insurance, politics, volunteerism, and other topics that affect modern health care systems. The group has gained tremendous growth in recent times with three locations thus far, along with corporate partnership and sponsorship. Previously, Raj Nayyar served as chief executive officer of a consulting firm that provided a variety of business solutions to clients in the medical, legal and real estate fields, to name a few. He has also been the owner of an internal medicine practice, where he employed a physician, nurse practitioner, and medical assistants to provide primary care for local families while providing such programs as "Free Talk with the Doc Day," in which laymen would visit his practice and sit with the physician at no charge. Additionally, Raj Nayyar was invited to host a newspaper column sharing healthcare concerns to the community and also created a free health seminar series for local employees of both the private and government workforce, spanning from topics including hypertension, nutrition, smoking cessation, diabetes and the like.

In addition to his work with Innov8, and a number of volunteer activities, Raj Nayyar is pursuing a doctorate of philosophy in management and entrepreneurship and a juris doctorate. Raj Nayyar has studied at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Miami, Harvard Business School and American University.

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