Minnesota, a great place to go.

by: Gabrielle Moniza and Leslie Gallegos.

a map of Minnesota.

Physical Features

a Minnesota loon in a Minnesota lake.

If you like lakes and the great outdoors Minnesota is the place to go. Minnesota is the state of 10,000 lakes and has a lot of loons to. loons love lakes that is why Minnesota has lots of loons.


The beautiful snowflakes in Minnesota.

Minnesota gets lots of snow each year so if your child likes snow this is the place to go.The sights are beautiful in winter. In Minnesota the low  is-60. The high is 114.

Natural Resources

Sugar beets grow in Minnesota. They looks like potatoes.  Some people like to take the sugar out of the sugar beets and other people cook them.

Sugar coming out of a Minnesota sugar beet.

Rye grass is long grass that grows in Minnesota too. They are a foot tall. Rye grass is very thick and can cut your finger.  

wonderful Minnesota rye grass.