Ramakrishna Vaddempudi - Staying Connected

Ramakrishna Vaddempudi says that the digital world of today is a remarkable one, and that too often people take for granted the amazing wonders available to them that have only come around in the last couple of years. As a software developer and tester, Vaddempudi often finds himself on the cutting edge of technology, and has experienced first hand, and even helped designed some of the innovations that will help lead man kind into the future. Vaddempudi says what he respects and loves most about technology, is its ability to keep us connected. More than ever before people now have instant access to each other, via instant message or text message, or even video calling such as Skype. Vaddempudi says that this is an under appreciated advancement for mankind, as this allows us to share in both experiences and cultures, narrowing the once dividing gap driven between humans by distance.

Often people fear what they don't understand, and when that thing they don't understand happens to be other people, war can often be a result. Vaddempudi says that with new communications and our ability to stay better connected, people are understanding each other on a level they never have before, allowing for intimacy even when you are worlds apart from one another.

Ramakrishna Vaddempudi says that staying connected with your friends and loved ones is amazing, and one of the things that have inspired him to work so diligently on new software and technology that can make this communication all the more seamless and natural. Vaddempudi says that the intimacy allowed by sharing via the internet has made all of Earth one collective mind, where they are free and comfortable enough to share their deepest thoughts, allowing for us to better explore ourselves.

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