Ramesh Goenka

Ramesh Goenka - Dubai-Based Player in the Global Diamond Industry

Ramesh Goenka serves as Founder of Goenka Foundation. Suashish Diamonds Ltd, a group company is one of the world’s leading providers of diamond sourcing, cutting, and polishing services. Since establishing his business in Mumbai in 1965, he has developed it into a multimillion-dollar operation in seven major cities around the world. A resident of Dubai, Ramesh Goenka directs the global day-to-day operations of the Suashish Group, which includes Suashish Diamonds Ltd., his eponymous foundation, and other enterprises. Suashish Diamonds has been listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange since 1995, earning distinction as one of the Top 100 Super Companies in India today.

Apart from work, Ramesh Goenka is a concerned global citizen and contributes greatly to philanthropic causes specific to community development and environmental preservation, including India Heritage Research Foundation, the KP Sanghvi Charitable Trust, the Shree Goenka Kalyan Trust, and others. For decades, he has studied gems, precious metals, and macroeconomics, and he enjoys exploring some of the world’s most exotic locations.