Rami Tawasha

CSI Senior Project Manager Rami Tawasha

For more than four years, Rami Tawasha has filled the role of senior project manager at Constructive Solutions, Inc. (CSI), in San Francisco, California. Rami G. Tawasha began his career in 2000 with the Ramallah Engineering Office on the West Bank as a designer and part-time engineer, positions he also filled at Al Sarh Al Handasi and the N.A. Contracting Company in Beit Sahour. After spending time as a site engineer with Midmac Construction Company, Rami Tawasha became the general manager and owner of Ramallah’s Tawasha Engineering Office. He began the second phase of his engineering career in 2006 with Barry Swenson Builder in San Jose as a project engineer and soon after became senior project manager at Bayside Mechanical, Inc., in San Mateo. He worked in this role for eight years before taking on his current position at CSI.

Rami G. Tawasha studied civil engineering at BeirZiet University (BZU). He graduated with a bachelor’s degree and Dean’s List honors among the top 3 percent of students in the school’s Civil Engineering Department.