Merry Christmas
from the Ramsays

Warning... Changes Ahead

The Ramsay family continues to grow strong and tall.  Change lingers around every corner.  Gabe graduates high school in May.  Kade and Tallon complete Intermediate School this year, and Raif is running quickly behind them. Brynton has come to live with us, making the total number of boys to 5.  Michael and I remain steadfast in our love for one another and in our careers, so at least some things remain the same as we maneuver life's inevitable adjustments.  

Sitting at the dinner table, I cannot help but take a deep breath and silently pray, "Lord, thank you for this organized moment."  The noise and craziness makes me long for quiet on occasions, but what a joy to be the mother of boys! Being married to a man who loves the Lord and is an example of all that is good and kind turns the winding path of parenthood from endurable to enjoyable.  

As I stare at my beautiful blonde boys, I ponder Mary's thoughts as she watched her son Jesus mature into a man knowing that He had a special purpose and would one day leave her. She must have proudly watched him heal the sick and minister to the least of them.  Her heart had to have been full and then broken as He was drug up Calvary.  Could I surrender my sons to God's plan that included them hanging from a cross, knowing that those hands that were stretched and nailed use to fit so sweetly into my own?    

I am so grateful that I do not have to answer that question. I am happy to stand on God's word and trust that whatever lies ahead for the Ramsay boys involves a future of hope. The Lord's plan includes furthering His kingdom with their talents as Jeremiah 29:11 promises.  Truly, there is no greater gift than such an assurance.

May your Christmas be filled with the joy that only Christ brings!

Enjoy a short video of the year with the Ramsay's.  We look forward to 2015 with anticipation and excitement.  Merry Christmas Everyone!