Randall Fincke

Founder and President of  Advent Medical Products

About Randall Fincke

Randall Fincke, a foremost innovator and company founder of Advent Medical Products in Burlington, Massachusetts is designing and developing new product solutions and applications for the medical device market. Advent's focus is to improve quality of care, improve efficiency, provide better patient visibility and reduce costs for patient treatments and outcomes. Previously Randall Fincke founded Cadent Medical, where he successfully designed and produced compact and miniaturized medical devices. Because of the product success and having obtained FDA approval and patents, the company was sold to Cardiac Science for $22 million. Randall began his career at ZOLL Medical, and for ten years as the Vice President of Research and Development he played an instrumental role in the design and development of three key products, the PD1200, PD1400, and PD1600 defibrillator models while ultimately obtaining patents and FDA approvals.  Randall decided to further pursue the design and development of medical device solutions, applications and products after gaining significant experience with these innovations, through the founding of Advent. At the University of New Hampshire Randall Fincke earned his bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering from the University of New Hampshire and then at Tufts University, he pursued a master of science degree in engineering design.Additionally, Mr. Fincke enjoys other interests including running, skiing, sailing, traveling, theatre, and along with his wife actively supports local and community efforts as well as fund raising events for children and recreational programs.

Information Sharing, Wireless Tech Improve EMS-Hospital Coordination

As the founder of Advent Medical Products, Randall Fincke manages the development of advanced technology for the healthcare industry. Since establishing the company in 2004, Randall Fincke has brought a number of products to market, including technologically advanced monitors and other critical and sophisticated communication devices. Innovative technologies, such as those developed by Advent Medical Products, promise to improve patient care through better communication between service providers in hospital organizations and Field EMS professionals.

The effort to move towards a “seamless” model of care for emergency patients involves a significant improvement in coordination between hospitals, R&D companies such as Advent Medical Products, and emergency services departments. In partnership with technology companies, agencies including Montgomery County Hospital District in Texas and San Diego Fire-Rescue in California have linked EMS record systems with those of hospitals, thereby giving emergency departments a real-time window into field conditions and providing paramedics with post-response feedback regarding patients.

Through improved information sharing, medical professionals at all stages of the treatment process will augment their ability to deliver safer and better patient quality of care. This promises to provide both long and short-term benefits in emergency care.

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