By: Randell Howard

Nazi's invade Hesse, Germany

Yesterday the Nazis invaded Hesse and captured 200 Jews and brought them to a secret hideout in the woods. Sources do not yet know what they will are doing there but they're seems to be a foul stench coming from the site. One said that they have seen them working outside fusing metal together. Another source says that their hair has all been shaved off and wear the same uniforms throughout the site. More information will be coming soon so please stay tuned.


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Interview with Friedrich

Hello my name is Randell Howard and today I am here with Friedrich talking about his feelings on Jew discrimination.

Friedrich: Hello Randell. I'm not very happy with how much discrimination that is going on because its not fair to us we are just as skilled or well mannered but since we believe in different things we are some form of alien to this Earth.

Me: Well what experiences have you gone through to make that assumption?

Friedrich: My family was forced to move out of our apartment so we went to court and won and my father was forced to retire at 35 because he was a Jew.

Me: Yes and how was that court date?

Friedrich: All that matters is that we won and Herr Resch didn't

Me: Well seems to me you know what you are talking about then

Friedrich: Yes I like to think I do and now I should leave but than you for this opportunity.

Me: No, thank you. Have a good day

Friedrich: You too, goodbye.

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