Washington, DC-Based IR Professor

During his academic career, Randolph Persaud has delivered lectures and participated in conferences in several countries, including Brazil, Italy, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates, and conducted research on multiple international relations topics. An associate professor of international relations, his work on race and international relations is especially well known. In 2001 he and R.B.J. Walker edited the first ever special issue of a major journal on the problems of Race and International Relations. Over the course of his time as a professor, Randy Persaud has published more than 300 opinion pieces on Guyana, the Caribbean, international politics, political economy, and foreign policy. An article on global anti-immigrant panic generated over 37,000 reads in just four days.

Randy Persaud received his BA (Hons.) in political science and history, as well as his MA and PhD, each in political science, from York University, where he also taught political science as an assistant professor. In addition to his other duties, Randy Persaud also functions as an external faculty representative for a World Bank project on science and technology and low carbon development strategy, which has received $10 million in funding.