Welcome to the wonderful region of Georgia known as the Coastal Plains!


By Sarah Culbreth and Rebecca Huster.

From the glorious photos you will see below, you can tell that the Coastal Plains are beautiful and lush. From the coast to the farmland, this region is diverse and can appeal to all sorts of industries. Some of these industries include farming, shipping, industrial purposes, and especially tourism.


The Coastal Plains region is a popular place for tourists. The reason this region is so tourist friendly is because it has some famous cities, such as Savannah, and the coast's stunning beaches as well as the islands. People love visiting the famous Okefenokee Swamp because of its gorgeous scenery and exotic wildlife.


The soil is very fertile in the Coastal Plains which is great for farming purposes. Also you can make a great industry for the clothing business because of the abundant cotton grown here.


The  businesses that are popular and thrive in the Coastal Plains region are shipping, farming, fishing, tourism, and clothing. Those are only some of all of the wide variety that Georgia's Coastal Plains offer.


The Coastal Plain region is the only region in which shipping by water is most efficient. This is because of the coast and the Savannah River. Both of these physical features are what get several places the cargo they desire but cannot get on their own.

In all the Coastal Plains are a diverse region with several benefits for both tourists and businesses.

I hope you'll keep Georgia on your mind ;)

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Nice job. You two did a good job writing in your own words.