Randy Blum Consulting Inc

Senior and Mid-Level Management Consulting with Randy Blum Consulting

About Randy Blum Consulting Inc

Randy Blum Consulting, Inc., is a Houston-based corporate coaching and training company that provides on-site consultancy services. The company’s services are geared toward mid-level managers who aspire to develop senior management skills and rise within their companies. Specific areas of expertise include effective communication, strategy protocol, and the overall management of interoffice politics. The staff at Randy Blum Consulting, Inc., places an emphasis on the development of leadership qualities that are critical to success at the executive level, including the ability to identify lower-ranking employees with management potential and to subsequently motivate those employees to develop their talents. Consultants can be hired for select projects or to carry out long-term training assignments.

Blum Consulting does not work exclusively with mid-level managers. The consultancy is also capable of working alongside chief executive officers and other senior team members seeking assistance in a select area of executive leadership. Corporate leaders regularly engage in communication training with a concentration on internal audiences and customers.

Responsibilities and Expectations of Chief Executive Officers

The staff members of Randy Blum Consulting, Inc., devote themselves to preparing and guiding chief executive officers (CEOs) as they lead their companies. Randy Blum Consulting, Inc., also helps mid-level managers move to positions of greater responsibility.

The responsibilities of a CEO are significant and varied. For instance, they are sometimes called upon to convey their company's message to the public. Good communication with management is also necessary, particularly in anticipating and addressing corporate risk. CEOs should ensure that adequate counter-measures exist to maintain internal controls.

Those goals depend on executing the company's strategic direction in cooperation with the board of directors. A responsible CEO should work with the board chair to develop meeting agendas, call special meetings when needed, and provide useful information for decision making.

Finally, CEOs must deal with public expectations that they perform their duties with integrity and honesty. Their leadership by example should motivate all employees to comply with the company's policies and with the law. This includes taking social responsibility for health, safety, and environmental issues.