Randy Palazzo - Horizon Community Church

Randy Palazzo is a man of faith who is proud to worship with his fellow compassionate followers at Horizon Community Church. On the church’s website, they share their story as so:

“Horizon Community Church started in 1975 at the Ramada Inn (now the Nyberg Woods Mall) in Tualatin, Oregon. The pioneering pastors had a vision for it to be a Bible-based, Spirit-led, genuine, authentic group of Christ-followers who would reach out to others with the love of God. Within two years, the church had grown at such a rapid rate that it became obvious that a permanent location was necessary.

God led the people to purchase the Sagert Farm in Tualatin, still the location of our elementary and middle school. Here they took an existing barn and remodeled it to become the first building for the church. Through the years, the church body added on to that building and started an elementary school as the Spirit of God made it obvious that this church would lead in the community by providing a safe place for children to attend school. The vision for the school included a place for students to grow spiritually and academically.

Eventually the church and school would grow at such a rapid rate that the Sagert campus had to be expanded to accommodate hundreds of believers in the church and hundreds of students as well.”

Randy Palazzo is proud to be a member of this devout and giving religious organization.

The Magic of the Make-A-Wish Foundation

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is well-known throughout the country as an extremely beneficial charitable organization that makes the dark days of serious illness a bright experience for as many kids as possible in the United States. Many organizations make donations to the Make-A-Wish Foundation as a part of their charitable giving programs. One organization that has made many donations over the years to the Make-A-Wish Foundation is the Horizon Community Church in Portland, Oregon. The Horizon Community Church makes these donations because its community wants to stand by one of the most important and popular charitable organizations in the country.

Every year almost 30,000 children are diagnosed with a serious medical condition in the United States that makes them eligible for a sponsored with experience. In 2012, the Make-A-Wish Foundation granted the wishes of almost 14,000 children, a new record for the organization that all of its members and its benefactors in communities throughout the country can be proud of. Despite the new record, it’s not close to the goal of granting the wishes of all eligible children every year. The Make-A-Wish Foundation needs more continued help to reach its goal every year.

Randy Palazzo is a member of the Horizon Community Church in Portland and a huge believer in the Make-A-Wish cause. He is happy to make contributions to the cause through his church and on his own. He is a real estate developer living in his hometown of Portland, Oregon, and he hopes to continue to help people in his community through his role in the church as well as his job.

Doembecher’s Children’s Hospital is part of the renowned Oregon Health and Science University, located in Portland. OHSU is the only academic health center in the state and provides care to many with difficult health challenges. The faculty of OHSU works hard to develop new discoveries and uses for medicine that save lives. Doembecher’s Children’s Hospital brings the spirit of OHSU to one of the most underserved populations in the area and gives children a chance to get the complex medical care they need to beat their serious illnesses. Doembecher’s Children’s Hospital works with parents to develop the best treatment plans for their children every step of the way.

Horizon Community Church donates regularly to Doembecher’s Children’s Hospital at OHSU. Donating to worthy causes is a top priority for Horizon, which has worked with the greater Portland community from its headquarters in Tualatin for almost 40 years. Horizon Community Church seeks to work with community partners to forge the best faith-based relationships they can in order to spread the word of the Lord and his followers. As believers in God and in Christ, the members of Horizon Community Church work hard within their communities to give back and help the less fortunate any way they can.

Randy Palazzo is a real estate developer in Portland, Oregon, and a member of the Horizon Community Church. Palazzo tries to remain as active as possible in his community through his membership in the Horizon Community Church. Palazzo has worked in the Portland area selling and developing real estate for forty years.

Help out Toys for Tots and Make the holiday season Brighter

Toys for Tots is one of many organizations that is set up in order to help children all over the country during the Christmas season. The U. S., Marine Corps Reserve, are the people who originally started the Toys for Tots Program and their aim is to collect new, unwrapped toys during October, November and December each year, so they can then distribute these toys as Christmas gifts to the less fortunate children in the community, where the collection is being done.

The main goal of Toys for Tots is to give the children a new toy at Christmas with a message of hope so they will learn to become responsible, productive, patriotic citizens. Toys for Tots does this collection every year, and then they distribute all of the toys in the communities where a Marine Corps Reserve Unit is located. If there is a community without a Reserve Unit, the collection and distribution can be conducted by a Marine Corps League Detachment. Local Toys for Tots Campaign Coordinators conduct an array of activities throughout the year, which include golf tournaments, foot races, bicycle races and other voluntary events designed to increase awareness of Toys for Tots, and they can then collect toys and monetary donations.

Randy Palazzo is an active member of Horizon Community Church and a philanthropist who supports such organizations. Both he and his church give every year to Toys for Tots, and he encourages others in the community to do the same. By giving to those in need, it helps make the world around you a better place.

Doembecher’s Children’s Hospital

One of the many great organizations that Horizon Community Church donates to is the local children’s hospital. The hospital, Doembecher’s Children’s Hospital, is a part of the Oregon Health & Science University, which is the state’s only academic health center. An excerpt from their site, http://ohsu.edu:

“As the state of Oregon’s only public health and Research University, OHSU is a unique resource for Oregonians and the place where healing, teaching, and discovery come together. We train the health care professionals that Oregon communities need. We provide care to those with the most difficult health challenges. And our faculty works every day to come up with new discoveries that help save lives.

The Next Five Years series takes a hard look at how profound changes in the economy — and in health care in particular — may affect OHSU in the coming years. The University is in a strong position, but our careful planning and good stewardship are necessary factors in our continued success.

With the world changing rapidly around us, OHSU created a strategic plan in 2007 to look over the horizon and establish a road map for 2020. OHSU’s strategic plan, Vision 2020, sets a big goal for how to best serve Oregonians. We want to help make Oregon a national leader in health and science innovation to improve the health and well-being of all Oregonians. It’s a big goal – but we think we can get there.

To achieve our goals, we must collaborate, integrate, innovate and pursue sustainable excellence. These principles help us develop and share new knowledge, improve education and patient care, and enhance community service while providing excellent stewardship of public and philanthropic funding.”

Randy Palazzo, a member of Horizon Community Church and a local of the area, is a big supporter of the hospital.

Randy Palazzo - Seattle Seahawks Fan

Randy Palazzo is a sports fan who closely follows the National Football League. And as a resident of Portland, Oregon, the team closest in his geographical region is the Seattle Seahawks. It’s not a bad team to live near, considering they have been present in the past two Super Bowls, the first of which they brought home the Lombardy trophy.

As members of the West division of the NFC, the team has been around since 1976 and has appeared in the Super Bowl a total of three times, with the past two being the most recent Super Bowls, where they defeated the Denver Broncos in 2014 and then lost to the New England Patriots in 2015.

The current Seattle Seahawks lineup, with the leadership of Pete Carroll, has been a driving factor in the team’s success. Their star players include :Russell Wilson at quarterback, Marshawn Lynch as a running back, Richard Sherman as a cornerback, Kam Chancellor as a safety and Doug Baldwin as a wide receiver.

Their home field is CenturyLink Field, where they have the reported 12th man, which often appears in the form of a loud home audience in a stadium with outstanding acoustics. CenturyLink Field is known for being especially uncomfortable for opposing teams, as the lights and noise in the stadium are second to none.

Randy Palazzo hopes that he will be able to catch the Seahawks live in action at CenturyLink Field next season.

Randy Palazzo - Horizon Weekly Events

Randy Palazzo is a proud member of Horizon Community Church in Tualatin, Oregon. The church has a number of weekly events that allow members to come and worship together as well as welcome new visitors who are interested in their church. Below is a list of those weekly events, as posted on Horizon Community Church’s website:

“HSM – Join us Sundays. Middle school meets at 9:45 am in room 201, and the high school meets at 11:15 am in room 201.

Celebration Study Class – Sundays, 9:45 am – Rm 204/206
Enjoy in-depth reflection and Bible study with Dr. Bob Tinnin, a great point of connection and learning irrespective of age.

Morning Prayer – Thursdays and Fridays, 6:30-7:30 am – Rm 211
Come for both personal quiet time and group prayer at Horizon.

One Mother to Another – 1st and 3rd Thursdays, 9:30 am to 11 am
OMA is for moms who want to meet together. We meet at Tualatin Foursquare Church: 8080 SW Lower Boones Ferry Rd., Tigard. Childcare begins at 9:15 and there is a $2.50 per child fee ($6 max). There is also a registration fee. For questions, contact Beth Yancey at 503.655.0724503.655.0724 FREE. Our next meeting is April 2 and 16.

Our LIFEgroups are a great way to meet people. For more information, fill out a Communication Card or visit our website for a complete list of LIFEgroups at horizoncommunity.church/lifegroups.”

Randy Palazzo invites you and your loved ones to come try out Horizon Community Church at one of these events.


There are many fathers all around the world. However, it has become a common story that one’s father leaves, gets divorced, is abusive; the list goes on. Focus on the Family states the quote below:

“Before the industrial revolution, fathers often worked side by side with their sons and instructed their children in spiritual values. When industrialization took over the American landscape, fathers left their farms and headed to the factories. Fourteen- to 16-hour workdays set the stage for the absentee father.

Eventually, fathers came to be regarded as merely breadwinners who fulfilled their paternal duties by providing.

But is that image changing again?

Research shows that tweens and teens need the firm leadership a father provides. A child performs better in school if his father takes an interest in his education. Children have more confidence when their fathers spend time with them and show them affection. Kids learn from watching their fathers' decisions and listening to logical explanations.

Work pressures and other commitments may make it easy for some men to feel they don't have the time. However, a 2002 study found that men born after 1965 spent 50 percent more time per workday with their children than boomer fathers (an average of 3.4 hours, versus 2.2 hours). That same year a workplace survey conducted by the Society of Human Resource Management discovered that men ranked the need to balance work and home life higher than their female colleagues.”

Randy Palazzo is one of these fathers who values and enjoys whatever time he can spend with his children.

Do It Yourself Projects Teach you More than You would think

When you want to renovate your house, you do not always need to spend the money to hire someone to do it for you. Plenty of people do simple home improvements all by themselves and it can sometimes get down even quicker that way. Ironically, it is often the case too, that you will get a higher quality result by simply doing their job for them. Obviously this does not always happen.

Do it yourself projects have recently gained popularity thanks to websites like Pinterest that are full of cute ideas and easy to learn project tasks. It is seen more now in the modern day home than before. Do it yourself is a great concept, and you usually only need to think of a few things before jumping head first into the new project.
First of all, can you afford to hire a contractor? While it may always seem expensive, there are many contractors that can do the job for a reasonable amount of money. But if you pay for a qualified one, you will not be stuck with further expenses down the road because you have to fix a major problem.

For the projects that you need done; do you know how to do it or could you learn it? If the project is fairly simple, it is possible that you could do it on your own. You may not need to hire someone, and it gives you more experience for later on .

Randy Palazzo has created a team of contractors he knows and trusts, and they have worked on hundreds of projects together. They like to take homes and make them even better than they were before.

Donate to the March of Dimes to help Babies everywhere

There are some great community organizations that looks out for families and children. One such organization is called March of Dimes. They work to make families with premature babies more comfortable, and they help them in every way that they can. This is because there are about 450,000 babies that are born too early, every year, in the United States.

This number has risen a staggering 36 percent over the last 25 years, and the country's preterm birth rate has declined by 11 percent over the last seven years. Premature birth costs the society more than $26 billion a year, and it does take a toll on those families who are affected. Babies that are born just a few weeks early are at risk of severe health problems and lifelong disabilities.

In 2003, the March of Dimes launched the Prematurity Campaign to address the crisis and help families have full-term, healthy babies. Part of this is done thanks to more education given to mothers and families who feel that they should listen to the doctors they are seeing.

Not all babies need to be taken early, and the strategies they discuss are focused on interventions and activities that have the potential to make an immediate, substantial and measurable impact on preterm birth. They want to keep babies from being born too early if there is no need for it.

Randy Palazzo, a member of Horizon Community Church, is a proud supporter of March of Dimes. He believes that family is important and children are even more so. He and his church are huge community supports and will do anything they can to help families in need.

Donating to Children's Hospitals Is a Great way of Providing a Future for Kids

Children's hospitals are often recipients of many donations a year. People do not like to see sick children, and they want to help in any way they can. Around the Portland area, Doembecher's Children's Hospital receives donations from many other organizations. It is a part of the Oregon Health & Science University, which is the state's only academic health center.

Randy Palazzo, a member of Horizon Community Church and a local of the area, is a big supporter of the hospital. He works in the Portland area, so he knows how important this hospital is for the children. He and his church will donate to the local children's hospital yearly.

There are many children's hospitals across the country, and all of them do a lot of research to help certain childhood ailments. St. Jude's is perhaps the most famous hospital, where it is a research hub for childhood cancers and helping those children overcome them. They even provide housing situations for the families who are affected.

Donating to any of the nation's hospitals for kids is a great way of insuring that your money is going to help the future of children, one way or another. It is important that we donate all that we can because these children are too young to be taken by some nasty disease. The money donated goes to areas other than research as well. They help provide things for the children and their families when they need them. These hospitals are truly one of a kind.

Randy Palazzo - The Real Estate Industry and Understanding the Community

Randy Palazzo is a dedicated real estate professional who has been working in the field for nearly 30 years. He graduated from the prestigious Portland State University in 1987, and received his real estate license only one year later. He spent several years helping his clients find their dream homes in the Portland, Oregon area before focusing on design, construction, and renovation in 1993.

He is dedicated to the needs of his clients and helping them make their housing dreams a reality. He has been a general contractor for 15 years and was named Portland, Oregon’s Number One Builder for three consecutive years from 2008 to 2010.

For a professional in the real estate industry, understanding your clients, your city, and your area of expertise are extremely important aspects to overall success in the field. If you don’t understand the area in which you are trying to show clients their future homes, you won’t understand the driving force behind the client’s housing decisions in the first place.

People move for a number of reasons, but people won’t move to a place that they don’t think encompasses their lifestyle in a way that is suitable for the long term. For example, if a person wants to move to the state of Colorado, it is safe to assume they lead a lifestyle with an emphasis on the outdoors. This is just one step in understanding the area in which a real estate professional conducts his business.

Another important factor in the real estate profession is understanding the community in which you conduct your business. In addition to understanding the area and the surroundings, you must also understand the people that make up the community. When people are looking for a new community to live in, they want to know about the people and the citizens that will potentially be the neighbors they count on.

If a real estate agent doesn’t understand the community, the clients can’t trust their judgment on the area as a whole, whether or not they are willing to be a part of the community. Clients look to the experts to answer they questions and concerns when it comes to their real estate decisions; it is why they hire professionals in the first place.

Randy Palazzo understands his community and the surrounding area of Portland, Oregon like no other. He is an area native and has been living in the community for the last 50 years. He understands what people want out of living in the community because they are the same things he wants as well.

He is well trusted by the people of Portland and has earned a number of accolades that prove his ability to serve the community. He is dedicated to every one of his clients and his goal is to make housing situations easy, fun, and exciting for all involved.

Randy Palazzo - Understanding the Real Estate Industry

Randy Palazzo is nothing short of an expert when it comes to the real estate industry. He has been working in the field for nearly 30 years since he received his license in 1998, and has seen it all in terms of the trends in the housing market. He is a Portland, Oregon native and has lived there for 50 years; he continues to work in the real estate industry there as a general contractor who can design, build, and renovate homes for prospective buyers. He understands the community, the people, and the lifestyle of Portland, Oregon better than any other real estate professional in the area, which is the reason for his success in the field.

Understanding the area in which you conduct business is extremely important. Especially in an industry such as real estate, a business owner must understand his clientele. If you own a business in the real estate industry designing and building homes for property buyers, understanding the area is a must if you want to design the right home for your clients. Your clients picked your area specifically, and it is your job as the builder to know why; what is it that makes your area appealing to the client? Understanding this appeal is key to your overall success in the field. For example, if you’re conducting business in a community like Boulder, Colorado, chances are your clients will enjoy outdoor activities.

Randy Palazzo understands his community better than most. He is one of the most successful real estate professionals and general contractors in the Portland, Oregon area, and his success is owed to the knowledge he has of the community itself. He understands what his clients want out of their move to the Portland area and he is able to satisfy their needs.

Randy Palazzo - An Active Member of the Community

Randy Palazzo is a real estate professional who has acquired nearly three decades worth of experience in the professional world. He received his real estate license in 1988, only a year after he graduated from Portland State University. For several years, he helped people in the Portland, Oregon area find their dream homes, but switched his focus to construction and design in the early 1990s. He has been a licensed general contractor for the last 15 years, and was named Portland, Oregon’s Number One Builder for three consecutive years starting in 2008 and ending in 2010. However, some of the most important work he does isn’t in the real estate industry, but for the benefit of his community.

Being an active member of your community is important. The idea of a community begins with the people; if a collection of people in a specific area do not work together the for the benefit of the group, no community exists. A community only works when the people work together to secure its future for the long term. There are a number of ways a person can get involved in his or her community, including volunteer work, philanthropic projects, and even through the support of local businesses. A person can also get involved in programs geared toward a community’s youth such as coaching sports. There are also a number of nationally recognized philanthropic organizations that have local branches that are always looking for extra help.

Randy Palazzo is dedicated to the people of his community and regularly volunteers for organizations like the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Toys for Tots organization. He is committed to securing the future of his community and continuing to make Portland a great city to make a home.

Randy Palazzo - The Client Comes First in the Service Industry

Randy Palazzo is a dedicated professional who understands how to be successful in the service industry of society today. He is currently serving as a real estate professional and general contractor within the greater Portland, Oregon area, and he has been working in the field for the last 30 years. Although he began his career in 1988 as a real estate agent, he switched his focus to building and construction in 1993 in order to help people realize their housing dreams as realities. In every service industry, especially in the world of real estate, businesses must conduct their work with a client first attitude in order to be successful.

In the world of professional service, the client must always come first. The service industry exists only because consumers exist; if they aren’t treated as a company’s top priority, they will take their business to a place that does treat them as such. In the world of real estate this fact is especially true because you are dealing with peoples’ homes and futures. It is important for the real estate agent, contractor, or designer to alleviate the stress of housing decisions for the client by taking care of all of their needs. Although building and designing a home is a rather large service, it is still a service for the customer who is paying an adequate amount for the job to be completed in a professional manner. In a society based on technology, one bad review for a contractor can ruin his entire career.

Randy Palazzo understands that the client comes first no matter what project they hire him to complete. He puts their needs first in order to be successful in the real estate industry, and it is the reason he has been successful for the last 30 years.

Randy Palazzo - How to Get Involved Within Your Community

Randy Palazzo is a successful real estate professional currently serving the community of Portland, Oregon. He was born and raised in the area, and has lived there his entire life. For over 50 years, he has been familiarizing himself the area; developing personal connections with each neighborhood. He has been serving in the real estate industry for almost 30 years, which has awarded him an intimate level of trust with his clientele. No one understands the area better than he does, which makes him the perfect professional to go to for all your developing, renovating, and constructing needs.

Randy Palazzo views his career in the real estate world as a means to serve the community in several ways, not just as a builder or developer. As his business has been growing within the community, along with his reputation for being a trusted real estate developer, he has been able to use his success to give back to the community that his given him so much through out his life. Being an active member of the community not only a satisfies a deeper desire he has to make a difference in peoples’ lives, but it also allows him to further the reach of his professional name.

One way to get more involved in the community in which you live is to use your professional career to make a difference. For example, if you work in the construction, real estate development, or contracting industries, you can provide lower income areas with cheap, renovation projects that increase the quality of life in the area. Constructions projects can be kept extremely cheap when kept to just the essentials, and this means that areas of your community could most likely benefit from a cheaper means to work on their homes.

Another way to get involved within the community is by getting involved with your local church. Randy Palazzo regularly donates to several Christian based charities in the Portland, Oregon area, including Horizon Community Church. Churches are always looking for ways to increase their reach in areas of need, and donations can be used to benefit various philanthropic works across the community.

In addition to using your business to spread your reach or going through a local church, you can always find a local branch of a nationally run organization to donate your money or time to. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, for example, is an organization that has several branches through out a number of communities across the United States; they need volunteers on a regular basis in order to provide their much-needed services.

Getting involved in the community is important. Not only can it help you establish yourself as a valuable member to the area and the rest of the residents, it can also increase the value of the community itself.

Randy Palazzo - How to Grow and Expand Your Business

Randy Palazzo is a committed business professional and entrepreneur who has successfully been working in the real estate industry for nearly 30 years. He has been serving the community of Portland, Oregon for the duration of his career, and was actually born and raised in the area. He attended the Portland State University, and was able to receive his real estate license soon thereafter. His first business in the industry was involved in renovations and development in lower income areas of the community, which made a positive impact not only on peoples’ lives, but on the community as a whole. Once the town started growing, he was able to expand his business to go beyond renovations, and focus on construction.

Randy Palazzo understands what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and professional within a competitive industry. Not only does he understand the industry in which he operates his business, but he also understands the business world in general. In order to operate a successful business in any industry, you have to have a firm grasp on economics and the business world in general; simply understanding the world of real estate, for example, won’t be enough to earn you the success you hope to achieve in the future. Randy often offers tips to his friends and clients who wish to have the same successful story he did, and expand their own businesses.

The first thing to keep in mind when you want to expand your business is the industry itself. Although you have already been operating within the industry for some time and you may understand its nature fully, you still want to research the projected future status. This will help you better judge whether it is the right time to put money into expansion rather than save it for troubling times ahead.

In addition to checking the projected status of your industry, check the status of your own company. Many business owners feel the need to expand when things are going poorly, in order to expand their company’s reach. However, this is an impulse move, and will only prove to deplete your capital even further than it already is. An entrepreneur and business professional knows when to play it safe, or when to take risks; you have to be willing to do the necessary research in order to see what needs to be your next move in the field.

If you are trying to successfully expand your business, you will also need to make sure you pick the right locations suitable to your expansion. No matter what industry you work in, you need to be able to provide your services to areas that need it, not areas that are already saturated with other business owners in your industry. Make sure you find out where your business will get the most work.

Randy Palazzo is a dedicated individual, entrepreneur, and real estate professional who has been working in the city of Portland, Oregon for almost 30 years. He was born and raised in the area, which gives him an advantage over most of the competition in the local industry. He is dedicated to solving the needs of his clients, and they trust him to take care of the construction, development, or renovation projects in a professional manner. He enjoys being a member of such a unique and creative community, and attempts to incorporate the spirit of the community into every building project he develops.

One of Randy Palazzo’s favorite aspects of life in Portland is the activity. Portland rests on beautiful country that offers the outdoorsy people all the natural experiences they could hope to ask for. There is an abundance of hiking trails in the surrounding mountainous environment, as well as a number of local trails that weave through out the city itself. After half a century of living in the area, he has learned what it takes to hike the nearby trails, and what to bring on any hike.

The first thing you want to have is water and some type of energy rich food. This could be chocolate, trail mix, protein and energy bars, or even peanut M & M’s. The key is to bring something with sugar and protein, which will keep you going until you have a chance to eat a more substantial meal.

The next thing you want to bring are the right shoes. Some hikes require more supportive shoes than others, and it is important to have the right pair.

Randy Palazzo - What to Bring on a Hike of Any Difficulty

Randy Palazzo - The Importance of Detail Designs in Real Estate

Randy Palazzo is a dedicated real estate professional, entrepreneur, and community member who has been serving the needs of Portland, Oregon residents for the last 30 years. He is committed to his career, and to finding the perfect lots or homes for his clients. He has living in the community his entire life, which gives him a competitive edge of the competition in the area. He can provide his customers with the most accurate designs of their dream homes, based on their own specifications, and he will work with them every step of the way until they move in.

One of the most important aspects of his job as a builder and developer involves design work. Designing a house is one of the most important steps because it is the first glimpse of the final project. Although construction hasn’t even started, clients and builders are able to see the rough image of what the final product will look like, how it will be laid out, and most importantly, what needs to go where.

The first reason the designing process is important is that it gives the client a glimpse of what their house will look like. If something is off, they will be able to fix it before construction starts. Likewise, if they decide that they would like to add something to the designs, they can do that as well.

In addition, the designing process gives the builders a better sense of the final product. They will have an accurate image showing dimensions, appliances, and other architectural concerns before they get started on the building phase of the project.

Randy Palazzo - How to Be a Successful Leader in a Professional Setting

Randy Palazzo is a business leader in the real estate industry of Portland, Oregon. He began his career in 1988, shortly after he graduated from Portland State University, and earned his real estate license. He has been a Portland, Oregon native his whole life, and was even born and raised within the diverse community. He focuses on complete builds, renovations, and designs as a general contractor, but he has experience in all areas of real estate. He is truly a leader in the field, and his own business.

Being a leader in a professional setting has its fair share of challenges. Whether you’re a company owner, manager, or executive, you have a responsibility to serve not only your clients, but your employees as well. You also have to be able to see the potential in an employee, and figure out a way to bring it out. Here are a few useful tips for professional leaders in any industry to grow in their positions successfully.

In order to be a successful leader in a professional setting, you have to be able to lead with compassion. For example, if an employee who has worked hard for you in the past makes a mistake, don’t get overly mad at the employee for making the mistake, but address the issue so that you both can learn from the incident, and use it to move forward. This will make your employees more comfortable when coming to you with issues, and it creates an environment conducive to growth.

In addition to leading with compassion, you need to be able to understand the difference between a lack of skill, and a lack of motivation. As the manager or leader, you need to figure out what motivates your teams of employees to work their hardest, and use that as much as possible. If an employee isn’t living up to his or her full potential, don’t immediately assume it’s a lack of skill; learn what motivates that employee so that you can get them to work their hardest.

A business leader must also trust his or her employees to do their daily work. No one wants to work for a manager who micromanages; they want to feel like they are trusted to perform their regular duties, and that their managers understand their capabilities. If you micromanage, you’re only hindering productivity in the long run, and you’re making your employees feel uncomfortable. Be available for questions, and check up on your employees from time to time, but don’t do it too much.

Randy Palazzo understands what it takes to be a successful leader in the business world, and he has been leading employees for nearly thirty years in the real estate field. He is committed to practicing proven managerial strategies so that he can get the most out of his employees.

Randy Palazzo - Tips for Growing Your Business or Company in the Professional World

Randy Palazzo is a general contractor and developer in the city of Portland, Oregon. He was born and raised in the area, and has called himself a native of the community for fifty years. He has been working in real estate for nearly thirty years, and has been able to grow his business successfully. Here are some useful tips for growing your own business or company, no matter the field.

Develop a new business plan. Business owners always need to be thinking about the future, or growth will never happen. Just as you did when you started your business, develop a plan for the future. This will help you create goals, project future success, and show investors that you’re still committed to the company’s overall vision.

Think realistically about the success of the company overall. Many business owners tend to panic when they see their company performing worse than expected, and they believe expansion is the way to compensate for the underperformance. However, this is an impulse move, and it will only prove to deplete your company’s capital even further. Be smart about your decisions, and look to expand at the right time.

If you’re looking to expand, make sure you pick the right locations. Expansion is a risk, and you need to make sure you do your best to alleviate as much of that risk as possible. Only expand to locations you know will serve your company well.

Randy Palazzo has been working in the real estate industry as a business owner for several years, and he knows what it takes to grow; he has done it for decades.

Randy Palazzo - Tips for Running with Proper Form on Any Surface

Randy Palazzo is currently serving the community of Portland, Oregon as a general contractor and developer. He has been working in real estate in the area for the last thirty years, and he is committed to the success of his business, and to helping his clients. He regularly goes running and can provide tips for proper form.

Run on your midfoot. Many runners make the mistake of running while striking the ground first with the heel of their foot, rather than the middle of the foot. This creates an impact force line that starts in your heel, travels through the knee, into the hips, and you can feel it in your lower to middle back. You want this force line to travel through the leg muscles, and eventually your core, which is what striking with the middle of your foot will do.

You also need to keep your upper body stable and straight. Don’t hunch over with your shoulders because these forces more stress out of your abdominal muscles, and forces your knees to do most of the stabilization. Keep and upright body with a straight back and sturdy shoulders. Your back muscles will develop as a result, and in the process, keep your knees from doing extra work.

Don’t do more than you should. When you first start out, there is a tendency to run more miles than you should. Focus on your form rather than your distance, and the miles will come. If you do more than you should, your form will suffer due to fatigue, and you’ll develop bad habits.

Randy Palazzo always runs with proper form.