Randy Stolworthy

Owner at RRS & Company

Randy Stolworthy

Before accepting his current roles as a principal of Pathfinder Ventures and RRS & Company, R. Randy Stolworthy gained significant experience as an investor and entrepreneur. Early in his career, he served as a general partner of FBS Venture Capital Company and managed its Seattle office. During this period, Randy Stolworthy also took an active role as an investor in several companies.

After leaving FBS Venture Capital Company, Mr. Stolworthy cofounded Voicelink Data Services. Located in Washington, the company built a business in marketing services, credit collection, and software. Just before its initial public offering, it merged with Digital Systems International. Randy Stolworthy also held leadership positions at NZ Corporation and its subsidiary Bridge Financial Corporation.

Today, Randy Stolworthy leads RRS & Company’s real estate-based investing and serves as manager of Pathfinder Ventures’ Pathfinder Total Return Fund. He also advises and serves as a board member of several companies, including Vertical Communications and First Scottsdale Bank.

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