Kenston Middle School Track 2015

Track pictures are Friday, March 27 in the gym immediately after school. Order forms and payment are due at this time for individual purchases.

OHSAA Preseason video

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please provide your full name, email address, and a brief message regarding your experience with the 2015 track team.

KMS Spring Break Cancun! March 28-April 5, 2015

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Jeff Kepreos 2 years ago


Christina Byrne (+5) 2 years ago
Jodie Todia 2 years ago

are you paying??

Kristin Horn 2 years ago
? pamgarrett 2 years ago

I have not been to Cancun in 27 years.

jsubbotin 2 years ago

No have valid passport. Gee, shucks!

Connor Should not Talk When Mr. Klim is Teaching!

He was a bad boy for a little while today!

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2 years ago

I like the runners in the first image🙆

2 years ago

You are a super trackker😅 😅

2 years ago

I can not listen to the song!

2 years ago

I don't like running but I like your Tackk

2 years ago

Virtual Spring Break again...????

2 years ago

Great way to keep students and parents up to date on meets and locations!

2 years ago

Connor was being a very bad boy