The Truth from a Cyberbully Victim

Strangers hide behind a screen,

This way, they cannot be seen.

Sometimes, they choose a different name,

So they can conceal their identity,

But the impact is all the same,

They remain the author of my misery.

It is as if they are always online,

Waiting for the perfect time

To write a hate they won't regret,

One I will never forget.

Cyberbullies are even more dangerous,

When they are anonymous,

They have me as their victim,

And treat me as if I was nothing, an item.

Ugly, fat, idiot, these names really hurt,

Because they make me like I am nothing but dirt.

Gross, stupid, loser, these words cut like a knife,

And their messages ruined my life.

I wonder if they would care at all,

If they knew they have caused my fall.

What can I do to make it stop?

How much more can I endure before I drop?

I’m growing weaker every day,

I wish all the insults and all the threats could go away.

For me, life is a struggle,

Maybe that is what makes them powerful.

When I am all alone,

I cannot look away from my phone,

The wait is the worst torture,

Because I know it will never be over.

I feel like I am losing my mind,

I don’t know who to trust,

Smiles fill me with disgust,

Because they might only pass themselves as kind.

The cold despair is rushing through my veins,

I am in so much pain,

They are the only one to blame.

I can no longer pretend

That I am not going off the deep end,

I cannot overcome this fear,

If only I could disappear.

I don’t belong in this world,

I feel myself crumbling down with one single harsh word.

I cry myself to sleep every night,

Because no matter I do I will lose the fight.

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