Come to the Islands!


Many scholars believe Christopher Columbus made his first landing in San Salvador Island in the Bahamas. The first British settlement on an island was established on Eleuthera in 1648. Farming and fishing were not successful and economy was dependent on tourism. The island became independent on July 10,1973. The British monarch determines the governor-general of the island but actual governmental control is controlled by the prime minister and bicameral parliament. (Boswell)

People and Economy

The majority of inhabitants in the Bahamas are African descent whose ancestors were brought to the islands as slaves. English is the official language but Creole is spoken as well. The country has a high literacy rate because of its extensive primary and secondary school system. (“Bahamas”)

Nassau, Bahamas is where most tourist go, it is the busiest town. Nassau is the center of international finance and very important. (“Bahamas”)


The Bahamas Islands are just north of the Caribbean Sea in the Atlantic Ocean. The islands are flat and don’t rise more than 400 ft. above sea level. There are mangrove swamps, white beaches and coral reefs. (“Bahamas”)

Issues in Bahamas

Environmental issues in the Bahamas are from the impact of tourism. These include coral reef decay, waste disposal, and water pollution. Land clearing for agricultural purposes threatens the habitat of the wildlife. The government priorities in protecting the environment are providing drinking water, and regular garbage collection throughout the country. The government is also working on maintenance of public places (beaches and parks) and removing abandoned vehicles. (“Encyclopedia”)

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