Mobile Learning

In the K-12 Classroom

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What Is It? Mobl21 is an online study tool that students can access via their technological devices! Students are awarded the opportunity to engage in a variety of study tools, such as flash card review, study guides, and quizzes. Because the instructor creates these tools, the information and study material is relevant and guided towards the tested information. In this way, students take control over their own learning and success.

How Can I Use It? Before an exam, in the middle of a unit, or when ever the instructor feels necessary, Mobl21 can be used by teachers to create study material that he or she wishes to communicate to students. Once the method(s) is chosen - study guide, flash cards, quizzes - and the information is inputted, the instructor can then share the tool with his students to their mobile device, or as a widget and/or link on the class webpage or social network. For example, before a chapter test I could create flash-cards for my grade 10 students and then post the link on my class website.

Voice Thread

What Is It? Voice Thread is an application that allows users to annotate documents and slides that they created via voice integration or text options. The documents can range from a slide show presentation, images, or videos. Verbal as well as text feedback and assessment are possible with this tool. Voice Thread gives life to projects that once fell flat when limited to the simplicity of text alone.

How Can I Use It? Instructors can use Voice Thread in a number of ways in the classroom setting. Teachers can chose to post their own projects online for students to then comment on, or chose to have students upload a piece, peer assess others' work, and also provide their own feedback and/or grades using text and voice. This tool is a universal communication resource that can be shared onto mobile devices, uploaded and integrated onto any type of LMS, and can also be integrated onto a Google Chrome web browser. An instructor could assign, for example, a task where students critique a text read in an English course in the form of a book review and have each student delegated to then comment on a peer's submission.

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What Is It? An online tool where participants can create videos by uploading video clips and/or images through your mobile device or on your computer. You can then add your own personal message to go with your video, along with some background music.

How Can I Use It? Videolicious can be used in a variety of ways as a tool for students to create final projects, how to guides, or to simply communicate written documents in a more engaging way. I may use this in the classroom as a tool for students to collaboratively record and share a promotional video for a text that they wish to read in class.


What Is It? Animoto is a tool that lets students create a video with a limited amount of time. The video is created through uploading video clips and images, and can use a limited amount of text. The purpose is to communicate an image visually versus relying too heavily on written statements.

How Can I Use It? Animoto can be used for students to communicate an idea metaphorically through the  primary use of images. I used this during my IPT experience for students to create a short video about either a theme or symbol found in the novel The Lord of the Flies where students communicated their ideas and made arguments via the short video that they created using primary visual evidence.

Reading Bear

What Is It? Through either website or app, this program helps young students learn to read by teaching phonics rules.

How Can I Use It? The instructor could allot a certain amount of time for elementary aged children to use their mobile classroom devices to explorer the Reading Bear site/app while they learn reading at their own pace. The instructor will learn what levels of readers he or she has in the classroom, and thus can gauge lessons and extra support accordingly, This would be a great formative assessment tool at the primary level.

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