Rathana Ung

Rathana Ung of Contributions

Rathana Ung has spent a lot of her time aiding the development of rural parts of Cambodia. Rathana Ung and her family and friends would venture to the outskirts of Cambodia, off-roading thru jungles and dangerous road conditions to reach the very poor and destitute families. Rathana Ung with the support of family, friends and the community assisted in the building hundreds of houses and schools in a rural Cambodian village. She has also been involved in building a maternity hospital in a remote area with no health facilities. Rathana Ung and her family helped with an irrigation project that brought running water straight to each home in a village where the women and children previously had to walk miles daily for water.

Ms. Ung’s other contributions include the distribution of rice, noodles, books and other donations to financially disadvantaged communities in Cambodia. She has also helped in the reconstruction of several ancient temples in Kompong Thom and other provinces that were either destroyed in war or ruined over time due to negligence. Meanwhile, she also repaired and provided supplies to classes that were being conducted in old temples.

A passionate yoga and Pilates practitioner, Ms. Ung is also a cook specializing in American and Asian dishes. She loves to prepare Thanksgiving dinner including a turkey and all other side dishes such as mashed potatoes and candied yams. In her free time, she listens to Rihanna, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, and Adele. Her favorite movies are "Bridget Jones Diaries", “Joy” and “Wolf of Wall Street.”

Benefits of a Pilates Practice

Dedicated to personal wellness, Rathana Ung enjoys both yoga and Pilates. Rathana Ung pursues these interests as a way of reducing stress and increasing physical and mental well-being.

Developed as a complete workout, Pilates tones the body evenly while promoting a healthy body-mind connection. One of the mainstays of the methodology is a continuing focus on movement, breath, and the interaction between the two. This necessitates a level of concentration that requires the practitioner to stay in the moment and tune in to the body, while the even breathing reduces stress.

On a purely physical level, meanwhile, the specificity of Pilates exercises serves to strengthen the core as well as the more distal skeletal muscles. The practice is specifically designed to ensure that all muscle groups receive the same level of attention, which in turn means that no muscle group becomes over-strengthened or under-strengthened.

Pilates serves to not only strengthen but also elongate the muscles, thus improving flexibility and motility. The element of flexibility gives Pilates a distinct advantage over more traditional workouts that focus on strength alone, as muscle elasticity helps to protect against injury.

Finally, because the majority of Pilates exercises are low impact and not fully weight bearing, they are easy on the joints and the back. An appropriate workout for many different populations, including those who are recovering from injuries, Pilates improves performance at a level that benefits the individual practitioner.