welcome to Arabia

The Desert!

in the Arabia Peninsula they had a lot of camels to ride around in the desert because camels could go with out water for a long time and they could also go without food for awhile to that's why to have camels in the Arabia Peninsula.

The  Arabia Peninsula

The Arabia lies crossroads of Asia, Africa, and Europe. The ancient times, Great Civilization grew up in the land around Arabia.Also the Arabian had all sand and some water.

The Oases

The desert is dotted with oases, areas where fresh water is available.Oases are important because they provide plant life and shade as well as water. And also oases come from water that is trapped under the ground. The water reaches a surface and provides a hole and it is called a waterhole.

The Coastal Plain

The coastal plain runs along the coast of Peninsula.

The Mountains

Arabia's largest mountain ranges run along the western and southern edge of the peninsula.

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