Raul Rivero of Miami - Opportunities in the Insurance Industry.

Raul Rivero Miami

It does not matter what industry that Raul Rivero of Miami is in, he consistently puts his all into his job and ensures its completion at a high standard. His background work is grounded in a variety of different fields of work.The man of many industries established himself is real estate development, insurance, and construction.

Though he has accomplished great things in all of the industries he has joined, many would say that the achievement of Raul Rivero of Miami is greatest in the insurance industry. From the insurance industry, many doors opened with opportunity on the other side for Raul Rivero of Miami. One of those unique opportunities included being appointed to Florida’s Commercial Property and Casualty Insurance Joint Underwriting Association Board.

Appointed by Florida’s Chief Financial Officer Tom Gallagher, Raul Rivero of Miami was chosen to be the governing board member of the group of thirteen. Chosen from all over the state, this team was created as a reaction of Governor Jeb Bush to the insurance crisis that was created in Florida. This team, which included Raul Rivero of Miami, was thrilled to be a part of the movement to help businesses in their home state.

Another successful endeavor of Raul Rivero of Miami includes the long running company, ICC Public Adjusters, Inc. (ICC). Rivero serves as the Chief Executive Officer and the President of the company. At this company, Raul Rivero and his team focus on public insurance adjusting, construction management, building inspections, and real estate. Recently, the company celebrated seventeen years of establishment.

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