Born on the12th of August 1887 Schrodinger produced many notable contributions to science (including his Schrodinger equation which he got a Nobel prize for and the electron cloud model which he did not) before his death on the 1st of January 1961. The electron cloud model is the idea that electrons can not be placed in a single place and that we can only produce a probable area (known as an electron cloud) where the electron exists and this is found with Schrodinger's Equation and is considered one of the most accurate pieces of quantum mechanics to date.


Born on the 5th of December 1901 Heisenberg contributed greatly to Quantum Mechanics before his death in February 1st 1976. Heisenberg came up with probability distribution which basically was the beginning of the Electron Cloud Model and had similar ideas but did not actually create the model himself. He worked with Niels Bohr from 1924-1925. He won his Nobel Prize for Physics in 1932 due to his work on the Uncertainty principle which was stating similar things to what Schrodinger had stated in his equation.

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