Socialization Agents


My family had a huge impact on my socialization as a child. My parents taught me how to speak, walk, and do things on my own. Having a sister helped me in interacting with other children my age or a little older. She was the first child I had interactions with. Having cats helped me with learning responsibility and also helped me learn how to handle animals. Being at the lake with my whole family made me comfortable with large groups of people. Lastly, The Teletubbies assisted me in learning new activities and helped me get out of my comfort zone.


School has taught me many life long lessons. School teaches me responsibility. It's my job to make sure I do my homework, study for tests, and remember to turn things in. School also teaches me to be on time. Every day I have a timed schedule to follow. School also has given me an opportunity to be active and involved in sports and clubs. It's also a place I've found friends and groups that I fit into and make feel comfortable being myself. Lastly, school has taught me respect. It's a place where I've learned to respect others my age and even adults.

Peer Groups

Friends are a huge influence for me. My friends have helped me come out of my comfort zone and become more outgoing. They have opened my eyes on plenty of different topics, making me more open minded. They've influenced the language and slang I use. My friends have also got me interested in new and exciting hobbies and activities. They encourage me to try new things and experience everything life has to offer. My friends help me through tough situations and are always there for me, never to judge. Watching the show Pretty Little Liars has shown me how cruel people can be and how important it is to have a group of friends you can always rely on.

Mass Media

Mass media is heavily involved in my life. I learn a lot of information and gossip from magazines. Social media is a way I communicate with my friends. Social media is dangerous however, for example it can lead to bullying, fights, exposed secrets, and what people post can get them in trouble if they aren't careful. When I was little I watched appropriate children's shows like Disney Channel. As I got older and more curious I started to watch MTV. MTV has more provocative shows which taught me bad words and actions. The MTV show 16 & Pregnant made me realize pregnancy at a young age is a common thing. It brought drug use, sex, and violence to my attention as well. News also played a part in my socialization by giving me information on the outside world which scared me and made me more aware.

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