Samantha Hernandez


430 Robert Ln, Beverly Hills, CA

-My goal as a profession is to become an artist

-I attended Stanford Avenue in Pre-k, For Kinder I went to Sierra Vista, for 1st and 2nd grade i attended Hurshel Antwine, for 3rd grade I went to Lujan Chavez, for 4th and 5th grade I went to Ituarte, for 6th, 7th & 8th I went to Paso Del Norte, & as in honor I attended Pebble Hills High school.

Experience- I worked at Forever21 & now work at Holister

Skills- I have great communication with people, I have good patience, I love music & art & I enjoy to cook.

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2 years ago

looking good, just be sure to label each section. Also, the rest of you r project will be on this same tackk. be sure to tag it according to the tag with #trevizoeoy5