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Uta's Stats

  • Breed: Brittany
  • Location: Massachusetts
  • Age: 7 months
  • Favorite Treat: Dried duck breast
  • Favorite Toy: Socks trump any toy!
  • Favorite Game: Running!

Uta is named after the three time Boston Marathon champ, Uta Pippig. Much like her namesake, Uta loves to run. Most Brittanys do, as they are bird hunting dogs. Uta lives with a former division one cross country runner (mom) and former professional marathon runner (dad), so she regularly logs 6-8 miles a day and still has energy to play! When not running, Uta enjoys long hikes in the woods around her house, and stealing socks.

Anyone who follows the sport of road racing knows that Uta Pippig is famous for her 1996 Boston Marathon win when she struggled with diarrhea during the late stages of the race. The evening we brought Uta home, she started having diarrhea. Several days later, we learned she had Giardia! It took a couple of weeks before the diarrhea subsided, and during that time we had to laugh that our little pup who we named after Uta Pippig was struggling with diarrhea too. Uta is now a happy and healthy pup!

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