European slave trader

Being a European slave trader was a hard and risky business. It included having a start to my business and many ships for transport. There was also a risk of disease and slaves dying on my ships so I had to put on more slaves than needed. Life had its ups and downs but the business brought a lot of prophet.

                                                            Life as a trader

Slave trade was a risky and expensive business for the people. Most people that were in the business were very powerful and had a start to their trading business. Most traders started off trading small things like food and materials to establish their business. The Atlantic ocean had been at one point a barrier for all of the continents, but opened up to become a highway for traders so that they could  transport people.The slaves that were transported were used not only for work but for the consumers to get a hold on more tropical produce and rare metals. In addition to being a trader, they would have many boats that were large enough to hold many slaves for shipping. Many slaves on the boat were exposed to different diseases and died on their trip to their destination. Slave traders would compact the boat with more slaves than they needed, because they knew that many would die. This helped the slave traders have the right amount of slaves for the buyers.

An example of a boat used that was owned by a slave trader to transport the slaves to their destination.

                                                              African slaves

  European slave traders took control over slaves from Africa. This was because the Europeans could not take control of any other country like Asia.The buyers also wanted people who were completely different from them.The revolution in ocean going technology gave the people the ability to take people out of their country against their will. This helped the transport of slaves become quicker, because they could not resist being taken away. Many people of their own kind would not enslave each other.When people in America started to grow their business, people needed more labor. This made slave trade, very big and a demanding business.

Africans were transported throughout many countries and were treated very harshly

                                                       Routes of the traders

The traders would follow the system of the north and the south winds and currents. These patterns would follow in a giant wheel rotation. The north wind turned clockwise while the south wind turned counterclockwise toward the equator. The northern wheel was a big part of the European slave trade while; southern wheel shaped the trade to Brazil and was the biggest slave trades of all. The southern wheel users did their trades in the ports of Brazil and not Portugal, even though they used their flag on their ship. This was because most of the traders were from Portugal. When it came to shipping the different winds had the effect as to where the slaves were shipped. The northern wheel made sure that the Africans were shipped to America and Europe. These africans were mainly from west Africa. The Sothern wheel made sure that the Africans that were being shipped were sent to Brazil. These Africans were mainly from Angola.

This is a map that shows the amount of slaves traded to the different countries
This is an example of the currents that effected the routes during the slave trade