Reading Jurnal

Dear Mis Sara,

            I am reading the book The Mistery of the man with out head.I read that Jorch see the man with out head,and the man see Jorch and he want to take his head.So Jorch say to every body the next day in night they high to see the man with out head.Then they see the man with out head. Then they say to the police to see the man,then the next day and they see the man and they want to get him and see who was the man that someone kill in 1,999 and it was the president.The part I do not like is when they Kil the president in 1999 because they take his head.The part I do not like is when the man with out head

do not kill anyone.And every one was happy because the man was not in there


                       Love, Alejandro 

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