MMS Jacket Buzz

October Edition

Image Credit by Alexis Andreozzi

New Year, New Faces

One new face on the MMS campus is Mrs. Teri Denise Bedford who has been an English/
Reading/Science teacher for about nine years. She was born on July 28, 1971 in Fort Worth. She had to move, because she had family living here and she was engaged to be married. She was proposed at the Rangers’ stadium on March 6.

When she was in high school she wanted to be a pediatrician. However, when she was in college studying to be a pediatrician her professor asked her if she could tell a child’s parent that she couldn’t save their child. That very moment she backed out, because she knew she couldn’t do it. That’s how she started her first eight years being a science teacher and her ninth year this year being an English/Language Arts teacher.

If she could be anything else in the world she would be a professional tennis player because she started playing when she was ten years old. When she was in middle school she was a cheerleader and the colors were orange and white. She thought that would be the last time she would ever wear those colors until she moved here to Mineola and the colors are orange and white.

Article by Alexis Andreozzi

Our other new 8th grade ELAR teacher is Mrs. Heard. Mrs. Heard went to college at UT Tyler. Before she came to Mineola she lived in Canton, but she didn’t teach there she taught in Edgewood. Mrs. Heard use to teach 4th grade for 15 years.

What made Mrs. Heard want to teach was she wanted to be a part of something inspirational. She said the reason why she likes to teach is because she loves to see children push themselves and realize that they can learn to make a difference.

She said her role model is Tom Landry, because he proved that you can be moral and successful at the same time. Some interesting facts about her are she has 3 children, 2 college aged girls and one younger son. She also has many pets including a cat, a bulldog, a great Pyrenees, a turtle, and a hermit crab. She doesn’t play any sports, but she likes to watch sports. Her favorite team is the Texas Rangers.

Article by Karina Bautista, Photo Credit Mrs. Ledkins

Academic Beat

7th Grade Science

In 7th grade science students are making a wanted poster of different scientists. After they pick a scientist randomly, they look up information about them like when were they born, when they died, who was their family, and other interesting facts. They also get pictures of their scientist. After they get all of their information together they print it as a wanted poster and turn it in. It’s an EASY 100 and fun to do!

Article and Photo by Faith Rodriguez

Club Beat


One of the well known organizations at MMS is FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes). FCA meets in the gym every Wednesday morning at 7:30. They talk about the bible and teach lessons from it. The first week of the month, they showed how instruction is important. Tristan Kirk had everybody give her step by step instructions on how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This demonstrated that if God did not give Noah exact instructions on how to build the ark, it most likely would’ve sunk!

Article by Madison Reardon

Builder's Club

Another club that has been here for a very long time, is Builder's Club. Mrs. Drennon is the director of Builders Club and they have lots of officers who help her and they also have a president that is in charge of the meetings and there is also lots of members. Builders Club is a club that serves the community and also helps out with school activities and to help other people. Students can still join Builders Club, just either go to the school office or see Mrs. Drennon about a form. Its only $15 to become a member, so come and join the club and get wild about service.

Article by Karina Bautista

Football Feature

Interview Conducted by Shaw Franklin

Interview Conducted by Preston Mosher

Current Feature


In our local middle school we have an unusual hot trend. Throughout the hallways, during class is when you are most likely to see this new fashion.

The neon orange vest is what most of the students wear school wide. Some people will appreciate this rule, and then again, some won’t. If you’re like me and don’t like it, give me a high five for having common sense. Who would want to put on a vest that people wear to the restrooms? Plus they have two strings on them that hang to your knees!

But believe it or not, there is actually a reason for this rule. This rule is there so the administrators know that you are not lying to them. See the vest is for using the restroom only and if you are caught anywhere with a vest except for the restroom they will know that you are not where you are suppose to be. There are two sides of this rule… fashion or foul? It’s up to you to choose which side you agree with.

Article by Crimsin Underwood

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