UC Davis School of Law Presentation

Wednesday, September 24th @ 9:30 in A-130

Are you interested in attending law school?  

A representative from UC Davis School of Law will be on campus to discuss law school.  We will also have information about Santa Ana College's Pathway to Law School Program.

We will meet Wednesday at 9:30 in A-130 at Santa Ana College.

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Janice galang 3 years ago
Elizabeth 3 years ago
Jette Valencia 3 years ago
Jack Provencio 3 years ago
Alex Frank Alvarado 3 years ago
Himbler Garcia 3 years ago
Haide 3 years ago
Selena 3 years ago
Suzie P. Gulshan 3 years ago

I have class at 10:00 am but Professor Gonis said I could be late as long I come back to class before 11:00am.

Miriam Hernandez 3 years ago
Sandra De La Rosa 3 years ago
Analy 3 years ago
krob 3 years ago
Kristen Robinson Organizer
? Janet Arellano 3 years ago

Janet Arellano

Jessica 3 years ago
Patricia Starr 3 years ago

Sorry I will be at work - sounds like a great opportunity though!

Julie Koger 3 years ago

I wish I could attend but just can't fit it in my schedule this week.

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3 years ago

I am glad Kristen that this program is now a start at SAC!!!

3 years ago

I am so glad we have this program too!